Monday, February 19, 2007

Why? Why? Why?

-Why dont fashion designers make and display wearable clothes?

-Why dish-cleaning liquids have 'real' lemons while lemon juice we drink has 'artificial flavors'?

-Why does Ekta kapoor make krap serials and millions of ladies sob over it?

-Why people are more excited about Abhishek-Aishwaria wedding than their own marriage?

-Why do some people actually pay to buy Britney Spears' half-eaten sandwich or Tom Cruise's hair?

-Why some maniacs spend their entire life in trying to figure out why ants always fall on their left when they lose balance?

-Why some people spend weeks with hundreds of snakes in glass cages just to get a silly certificate from 'Guiness Book'?

-Why does USA keep 20,000 nuclear bombs ready when they aren't gonna use any?

-Why do Indian students break their heads over choosing between Electronics, Computers, IT, Mechanical, Electrical or Civil Engineering at college when all of them would be eventually taking the same job at some Bangalore based software company?

-Why do we spend billions of dollars to find out if microscopic life exists on Mars when we dont have enough money to feed macroscopic humans back on Earth?

-Why does Shilpa Shetty winning Big Brother make it to front page news but millions of children losing battle against malnutrition doesn't?

-Why do we dream of building The World's Tallest building when we cant even provide a roof to half of the country's population?

-Why do we spend Rs. 30,000 to buy an XBOX360 to play soccer when we can play the same game with a Rs. 100 football?

-Why am I writing this post?

Oh Damn it! Who Cares!!!

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