Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Music and (No) Lyrics

Over the past few months, our Hindi song-writers have shown amazing creativity in composing the lyrics of some of their best songs. Presenting a few of the gems-

The foundation of this Creative Lyrics Movement was laid by none other than the venerable Gulzar with this one-

Tu rani hai France ki,
Main baansuri baans ki,
Hamaari society mein yeh chalta nahin.

No no monsieur, no no,
Itna simple nahin.
Chal dafaa ho kahin.
Oh, lauta de mera Ticket to Hollywood.
(Movie: Jhoom Barabar Jhoom)

Waah! Kya arz kiya hai! Kudos for successfully managing to use four different languages in a paragraph, but for heaven's sakes, can somebody explain me what is this supposed to mean?

Going one step further, a little-known lyricist Asif Ali Beg came up with this masterpiece-

Krazzzy with a K

thats the way..
Say K R A Zeee Zee Y
Do it anyway just put the K
in K R a Zee Zee Y
(Movie: Krazzy 4)


But the one that takes the cake (the entire cake-dish infact) is this absolutely original number from Aditya Dhar (again, I have no clue who this person is.)

One two three

One two three
One two three
And one two three...
Tedhi medhi, medhi tedhi,
Duniya ki A B C D.
Arre, sau sau mausam jhele hain
Har paudha ban-ne ko tree.
(Movie: One Two Three - yes, such a movie actually exists.)

Wow! What a thought! No Comments.

PS: Readers are welcome to add their own 'candidates' to the list.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Indian Patang League

Genre: Humour

First came the Premier Hockey League (PHL), which was followed by cricket's Indian Premier League and now from this November, its gonna be Indian Tennis League (ITL). However coming next January to beat them all will be the Indian Patang League - the world's ultimate kite-flying competition.

According to the details chalked out, the event will comprise of eight teams of eight players each with a maximum of two foreign players allowed per team. Also, every team will have to include atleast two under-12 players. The experienced kite-flyers will be auctioned to the highest bidder. The response to the League has been outstanding and already three teams have registered themselves for the innaugral season- Kal-kaata Kite Riders, Dheel-de Daredevils and Maanjabhai Indians.

The kite-flying matches will be held across eight cities in India with the Finals in Ahmedabad. All teams will have to participate in one daytime match and one night match which will test their kandeel flying skills. For the entertainment of the crowds, cheerleaders will be present at all venues and will dance on garba tunes every time a kite is cut. The player cutting maximum number of opponent's kites will be awarded the Orange Firki after every match. Global Bids have been invited for Exclusive Advertising rights on the back sides of patangs and on sides of firkis. Official Indian Patang League merchandise including team kites, firki, maanjha and other accesories can be bought from www.indianpatangleague.kaun

When informed about this league, Vijay Mallya said, "Yes, I very much intend to buy a team and this time I will myself select all players. I have decided the name of my team as well- Firki Force India Royal Challengers." All attempts to contact Mukeshbhai have yielded no reply. His secretary, however, informed us that Mukeshbhai is busy on the terrace apperently practising how to shout "Kaaypo Chhe..."
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