Thursday, August 27, 2009

You are a Graduate Student if...

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What is is like to be a Graduate Student in a US university?
Quoting from my Virginia Tech Graduate Student Assembly t-shirt:

You know you are a graduate student when...

... your most intimate relationship is with your computer.

... you procastinate by searching for online journals.

... you think work is fun.

... you assign grades to people's conversations.

... you find yourself citing sources in conversations.

... you've been caught sleeping in lab.

... you avoid young attractive people because you're afraid you might be their TA.

... people keep asking when you'll graduate and you have no idea.

... you have a college degree and still ask your parents for money.

... you can't even afford this t-shirt.

Graduate Student Assembly at Virginia Tech

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Adios, Alvida, Aavjo!

This is my last post from Indian soil as I will be flying to Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, USA in 24 hous from now. I don't want this to be the typical sentimental emotional farewell speech, so instead of focussing on the people I will miss, I am rather focussing on the city I am gonna miss- aamchi Mumbai!
Having lived in Mumbai all my life, I feel nostalgic about each and every aspect of this beautiful city but when I look back today, I just can't help but list out four important aspects of this city that I am gonna miss the most-
From Sardar ka Pav Bhaji to Jumbo King ka Vada Pao. From Chowpati ka bhel to Juhu ka chat, Mumbai is one helluva culinary experience and after gorging on these delicacies for 22 years, my tastebuds are not gonna like the American food!
These three-wheeled contraptions are a necessary evil without which survival in Mumbai's suburbs would have been difficult. Though a lot better than their cheating, fleecing counterparts in other Indian cities, a majority of Mumbai's rickshaw drivers think of themselves as the next Schumacher and it is absoulelty amazing to ride in these speed-monsters!
3. SEA
Be it Marine Drive, Gateway of India, Chowpati, Worli Seaface, Shivaji Park, Bandstand, Juhu, Versova, Aksa, Gorai... the sea in Mumbai never fails to mesmerise me with its beauty. So what if the water isn't crystal clear and the sand strewn with garbage, spending an evening at any of the beaches and promenades by the sea of Mumbai has been my ultimate stress-buster all these years.
Do I even need to say anything? Every single Mumbaikar knows that the local trains are the heart and soul of this city. They may be old, dirty, overcrowded but come rain or sunshine, they are omnipresent- ferrying lakhs of Mumbaikars across the length of the metropolis with amazing reliability and punctuality. No wonder then that I, like most Mumbaikars adore them and the parallel world that the regular commuters create inside them.
I will stop here। Its time to say Adios, Alvida, Aavjo...
ऐ दिल है मुश्किल जीना यहाँ...
ज़रा हटके ज़रा बचके
यह है मुंबई मेरी जान!
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