Thursday, August 27, 2009

You are a Graduate Student if...

Genre: College Life

What is is like to be a Graduate Student in a US university?
Quoting from my Virginia Tech Graduate Student Assembly t-shirt:

You know you are a graduate student when...

... your most intimate relationship is with your computer.

... you procastinate by searching for online journals.

... you think work is fun.

... you assign grades to people's conversations.

... you find yourself citing sources in conversations.

... you've been caught sleeping in lab.

... you avoid young attractive people because you're afraid you might be their TA.

... people keep asking when you'll graduate and you have no idea.

... you have a college degree and still ask your parents for money.

... you can't even afford this t-shirt.

Graduate Student Assembly at Virginia Tech


  1. Oh boy awesome.. looks like u're having a rockin time over there.. enjoy!

  2. :) i love it!!!! hehehehe... happppyyyy to see u blogging from across continents too!!! :D keep it up buddy! :)


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