Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Tribute to Orkut

Genre: College Life

The world might have embraced Facebook and declared Google’s Orkut a failure, but for me Orkut is very close to my heart. After all the contribution of Orkut towards me successfully completing my B. Tech Electronics Engineering degree is significant, something that Facebook could never achieve. Here is a tribute to those glorious days-

Kya kare kya na kare…

Kaisi paheli hai yeh…kaisi paheli…

Confusion hi confusion hai, Solution kuch pata nahi…

Solution jo mila toh saala question kya tha pata nahi…

Look at the type of “things” that got lost and Orkut helped us find…

…and finally The Revolt!

The only successful mass-boycott, accomplished thanks to Orkut!

Can Facebook match this? Naah!

Disclaimer: This post is not intended to hurt the sentiments of any person, institution. or website. Please take it sportingly.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Wi-Fi Name Game

Genre: Humor

When you live in a university town with every single home having a Local Wi-Fi network set up, creativity breeds when it comes to naming the network such that it stands out in the crowd.

Check out this list of wireless networks I have seen appear on my laptop-



Hokie Heaven

(Understandable when you are at Virginia Tech)

Ringa Roses

(All connected in a circle, holding hands…get the hint!)

It’s A Trap

(Thanks for letting us know)

Virus! Virus! Virus!

(OK, we’ll stay away)

We Are Bitches

(Thank You. Got the point)

The Dark Side

(Darth Vader is my neighbor?)


(because internet comes via air sans wires!)

Folks, please feel free to add to this list after having a look at networks around you!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Mine is Better than Yours!

Genre: Entertainment

One thing all of us found out over a period of six months in USA was that American TV advertisements suck when it comes to originality and creativity compared to the Indian TV advertisements. All TV ads in US have one single underlying theme – openly humiliate and pull down your competitor to prove your superiority. See these samples-

(Click on links if videos do not load in your browser)

The most popular “ad war” is between cellular providers - AT&T and Verizon.

Here, Verizon pulls down AT&T on their 3G coverage-

Not to be left behind, AT&T gets back at Verizon-

In the car market, Chevrolet decides to pull down Toyota-

The “war” extends to pizza as Domino’s takes on Papa John’s-

And then of course, the classic – Pepsi vs Coke-

But wait, there is more! You need a cable TV to see these ads, right?

So, Dish Network goes up against DirecTV-

And now comes the bad news! Finally India has also caught up with this American trend of openly pulling down competitors in TV ads!

Here we go-

For once, I want all those so-called “protectors of Indian culture” to come out and protest this! Please don’t kill the creativity and originality from Indian TV ads! The Indian audience is not dumb enough to fall for these pranks! Jaago ad makers, jaago!

P.S. : There was one more brilliant (by American standards) ad of Hardee’s vs McDonald’s, but I don’t seem to find its video anywhere.

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