Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Wi-Fi Name Game

Genre: Humor

When you live in a university town with every single home having a Local Wi-Fi network set up, creativity breeds when it comes to naming the network such that it stands out in the crowd.

Check out this list of wireless networks I have seen appear on my laptop-



Hokie Heaven

(Understandable when you are at Virginia Tech)

Ringa Roses

(All connected in a circle, holding hands…get the hint!)

It’s A Trap

(Thanks for letting us know)

Virus! Virus! Virus!

(OK, we’ll stay away)

We Are Bitches

(Thank You. Got the point)

The Dark Side

(Darth Vader is my neighbor?)


(because internet comes via air sans wires!)

Folks, please feel free to add to this list after having a look at networks around you!


  1. Some interesting ones at USC:

    1. Dont steal our net

    2. Tere Maa Ki

  2. LOL.......these are hilarious... and Zai's second one!! :P :P ROFL

    Some of them at GT:

    1. Hawaa... (all TECH minds think alike i guess..) :P

    2. Pav Bhaaji (yes...eternally missing mumbai)

    3. Clean Room (yea right!)

    4. Chair (hmm.. guess they just ran out of creativity)

    Awesome post!

  3. @Zai

    LOL! Frustrated Indians at work!


    Oh yeah!!! How did I miss your 'Pav Bhaaji'! I was wondering all the while ki Mona's network also has an awesome name but yaad nahi aaya!

    LOL @ Chair! That's heights of being uncreative :|

  4. I remember seeing Ringa Roses somewhere long time back

  5. Some more here

    Symbiosis (Really, then why is it password protected?)

    Celery (Cant understand the connection here)

    And of course,

    DragonFly1 (2 or 3) - The official Wi-fi for Drexel. Named after Mario the dragon who is the mascot of the university

  6. @ KK
    Think hard and you will get the answer

    @ Adil
    Your mascot is called 'Mario the dragon'?? Mario is not the dragon yaar, Mario KILLED the dragon :P

    BTW, just caught another network on my laptop-

    'Sashi's Sexy Playhouse'

    I can already visualize flocks of guys swarming my locality armed with Signal Analyzers et al to figure out exact co-ordinates of this network. :P

    March 17, 2010 10:52 AM

  7. hahahahahahahh!!!!!!!

    AWESOME!!!! :P :D

    And Zai's and Mona's were awesome too!!!

    seriously creative I should say :P :D


  8. What is the name of your network? :D

  9. Just saw another one- Lost Network

    confused ppl i guess??

  10. there's this bluetooth device name my friend has: Device not found. :D

  11. LOL!! The ones here in college are seriously uncreative - "Library", "Faculty", "Ganga" (which is the name of a hostel block), and for the second router in that block, a dazzlingly dull "Ganga-2". Perhaps I should direct my network admin here for some ideas :P

  12. @ Ice Maiden

    See, USA breeds creativity! :D

    @ mrvcmania

    It's one of those in the list! Go figure!

    @ Sriram

    Oh that's a trick we played four years back. There are some who extend it to their Wi-Fi networks too - "No Network Found".
    A creative one was-
    "Error 404. Not Found"

    @ Manish

    High time you students start naming networks under your control as "Director's Office" or "Principal" etc :P

  13. @Karan
    Drexel mascot is a dragon who has been named Mario

  14. What have I done?

    Some say I am Sweety



  15. @Rohit

    Aakashwani bhaari aahe re baba!


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