Monday, March 17, 2008

A Beautiful Dream

Genre: Fiction

It was on a long train journey that I first met her. She arrived in my life as if a beautiful angel was sent by Him. It did not take any time for us to get along and then began a journey that I would remember forever as the most beautiful dream of my life.

Our destination was a little town by the hills. On our first day in town, as we had a sweet long walk by the winding lanes, her company made me feel so blissful. The tall conifers swaying in the mild wind seemed to be welcoming us at every corner. Back to our abode post dusk, as we sat having dinner, the warmth of her company made me forget the chilling cold outside. By the time we went to bed, I was sure of one thing- this was a dream coming true.

And it did. And how! The next morning as we left the town for a sweet little abode nestled among the blue mountains, the long journey seemed so short and satisfying with her being besides me. We stopped enroute, and as we sat enjoying the sweet sounds of the gushing white waters of the stream accompaning us as the sun set behind the mountains, everything seemed so serene, so blissful.

And then it only got better- we spent the next two days in this lovely hill resort enjoying long drive up the mountains, playing in the snow, sharing experiences and shivering in the freezing cold as we went around shopping by the rows of colorful stalls adornin the place. And when that was done, we cuddled in the warmth of our room, whispering sweet nothings as the night darkened...

And the ultimate icing on the cake came on the last day before we bid goodbye to this amazing place. As we walked upto a little temple nestled among dense conifers, it started snowing- soft little white snowflakes being sprinkled from the skies as if He wanted to bless us from above! And amidst this as we stroll around, nothing else seemed to matter. The world around seemed to have come to a standstill with only me and her and the beautiful flowers in the meadows and the snow-white mountains kissing the clouds in the distance! Heaven!

But like all good things in life, this had to come to an end. The journey coming to an end, I got down from the train at the station while she was to continue her journey further. As the train departed, I stood on the platform, one eye fixed on the window where she was sitting. I knew she would turn back. And she did. Our eyes met, my heart skipped a beat, my face lightened up with a smile. And with it ended a week that will remain forever in my life as A Beautiul Dream!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

And Then Friendship Died...?

Genre: Blabber

There was a time, not too long ago, when friends were the coolest thing to happen in life for college-going teenagers. And then, times changed and relationships took over the coveted crown. Suddenly, especially for the females, a boyfriend was considered to be the coolest thing to possess since iPod. And with it began a race among the girls to pick up the most happening and hot guys around before others could put their hands over them (literally and figuratively). Some succeeded at first go, some opted for the trial and error method but eventually almost every girl worth her name managed to catch hold of atleaset one guy though the same cannot be said about the guys themselves (damn Darwin and his Theory of Evolution which gives the girls an unfair advantage of being the choosers). And with this, friendship began to die a slow death.

With their boyfriends and their relationships occupying a place of prominence in their heads, every move by any male creature began to be scrutinized as his supposed attempt to enter a relationship by most of the girls. The same girls who used to hang out and have a great time with their male friends began to suspect their motives and distance themselves under the pretext of being 'loyal' to their boyfriends. The alacrity so prominently visible in their body language got replaced by apprehension and uneasiness. The fact that a bond of innocent sweet friendship binds two people together more than anything else got conviniently sidelined as the bonding with their boyfriends hogged all the attention. And knowingly or unknowingly most girls lost the inherent human quality of taking independent decisions as every decision of theirs now preceded with "My boyfriend said that.." or " my boyfriend does not like this" and the likes.

However all is not lost yet. The spirit of friendship is so strong that it has the ability to rise from the ashes like a phoenix. We can hope for a day to come soon when this passing craze will subdue and once again it will be reaffirmed that true friends are the only real assets and pillars of strength who stand against the winds of time and make life more enjoyable and happening to a level which is impossible to reach by anyone else. The sooner the girls realise this the better it will be. For them as well as for the world.
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