Saturday, March 15, 2008

And Then Friendship Died...?

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There was a time, not too long ago, when friends were the coolest thing to happen in life for college-going teenagers. And then, times changed and relationships took over the coveted crown. Suddenly, especially for the females, a boyfriend was considered to be the coolest thing to possess since iPod. And with it began a race among the girls to pick up the most happening and hot guys around before others could put their hands over them (literally and figuratively). Some succeeded at first go, some opted for the trial and error method but eventually almost every girl worth her name managed to catch hold of atleaset one guy though the same cannot be said about the guys themselves (damn Darwin and his Theory of Evolution which gives the girls an unfair advantage of being the choosers). And with this, friendship began to die a slow death.

With their boyfriends and their relationships occupying a place of prominence in their heads, every move by any male creature began to be scrutinized as his supposed attempt to enter a relationship by most of the girls. The same girls who used to hang out and have a great time with their male friends began to suspect their motives and distance themselves under the pretext of being 'loyal' to their boyfriends. The alacrity so prominently visible in their body language got replaced by apprehension and uneasiness. The fact that a bond of innocent sweet friendship binds two people together more than anything else got conviniently sidelined as the bonding with their boyfriends hogged all the attention. And knowingly or unknowingly most girls lost the inherent human quality of taking independent decisions as every decision of theirs now preceded with "My boyfriend said that.." or " my boyfriend does not like this" and the likes.

However all is not lost yet. The spirit of friendship is so strong that it has the ability to rise from the ashes like a phoenix. We can hope for a day to come soon when this passing craze will subdue and once again it will be reaffirmed that true friends are the only real assets and pillars of strength who stand against the winds of time and make life more enjoyable and happening to a level which is impossible to reach by anyone else. The sooner the girls realise this the better it will be. For them as well as for the world.


  1. The below is not meant for Spoiling the Blog, but to convey the reality

    Well i don't know how to! but in some or the other way i agree to all the above inside out! I condemn the concept of boyfriend-Girlfriends in itself for what i have been seeing around me. Boyfriend-Girlfriends must have been accepted in some part of the world Or i hardly give a Damn to that b***s*** ****.

    The reason i condemn it is because the girls that i know are seriously shameless.

    >>> Some girls think that if some other girl that looks or is more cheaper than her, she has a boyfriend then why can't she have it!? Ther's this thing that some or the other way kills them inside or suin! N here they go enter the pool...

    >>> Some just don't want to get tagged as singles its against there Dignity...

    >>> Some are so shameless that after getting rid of one "RELATION" they want another one to Start within no time "in the nik of time". They just want their boat Anchored, Nothing else. Now let that previous break off, be it a "DUMP" OR A "BREACH" or any *****.... I don't know why they just can't digest the fact but they don't want people to call her single! Again she enters the Black pool...

    >>> Some Girls are so so **** i am really sorry i have no words to describe that because some actually implement a "Criteria" for selecting their guy! (say..) Must be Easily accessible.. must have a famous persona so that when she gets hooked up with him people automatically.. go GOO GOO GAA GAA about it! and all the Pathetic levels ones *** can go! now this will be because of their "past experiences" but they still want to do it! not improve! Ahh... Life!

    >>> And now the Black Dawns... Now they think he is the whole peace for me.. He was suppose to be there... it was written... At the same time condemi'n other Philosophies.. Running towards their black without understanding what's the truth... well coming back to the topic... This girls who DONT EVEN UNDERSTAND THE MEANING OF THEIR NAMES NOW ARE IN LOVE FOR THE " nth " time !

    >>> Which is nothing but more than a curse to them.

    >>> Some say they were not being appreciated and loved by their parents! b****** thaught that their parents don't understand them... and thats why the great need of suin as cheap as this arises..!!!
    After reading this they would do no more than telling me "be in my place and then you will understand!" Well if you do please please please Slap your self and Stop bending your neck and closing your eyes in front of God or your parents... You don't deserve a life at all...go get some...

    >>> These girls who keep on flucati'n periodically from one relation to another should not dare to call it love. When they do, they just curse them again... "Let God be Praised" Sun-o-Rosa dear!

    >>> Friends who care for them. Count on them are usually let down. If they try to explain them it'l either be infiltrating in their life.. or a matter of jealousy... because friends its really tough to bring out a body in drain... and still drowning in...

    >>> Irony of all Irony's when a friend falls in love with his friend... its more like a Crisis now a days.. because.. they concept of byfrnz-grlfrnx has killed the purity of love This is the only tear of Thy Angel...

    >>> Friend might get insulted in every possible ways if they fall in love with their friend... The Conclusion leads to termination... of their mutual Future... jz because they were kissed by the venom of so called "Relations" Comprised of boyfriends-girlfriends ...

    >>> Anachronism for that friend...
    as a return gift.

    >>> Well here i don't mean that every friends falls in love in the end. Or some might just approach for the same reason.. in the end let truth win...

    >>> Love has been overrid'n by the shameless.. concept of relations(modern ones(porous))!

    >>> We talk about love we talk about the brightest thing ever alive...

    >>> Damn the Relations! About the girls who have kept repeating the same history over and over again no need to sing a song describing your life...try to get rid of ur ****** have fun.. You write and destroy your own fate!

    Concluding i would like to say that its an observed behav'r. Its not personal to any entity or any person... Those who wish to understand the deepest levels of this Reply.. and wish to improve... please do it before you loose your friends and your real love if there..

  2. @Anonymous

    Now that's one really detailed comment, infact bigger than the blog itself.

    Now could you please do me a favour by revealing who are you? If not here, you can mail me. It will be kept purely confidential.

  3. Ohh yeah


    >>> Some girls are extra smart to get rid of the boys that are der friends..n now in love with them just because.. they have an ugly creature already at hand... rmb'r they had to anchor their boat n now.. the rubbish...

    >>> Some have already ashamed they parents by doing something.. that was not suppose to be done... but are yet doing in.. n now that they've have grown up... they've gt hold of some physical stuff... too of their partners... n god knws how cheap.. your parents will have nothing to say but to just close their eyes and bend their neck in front of you! THIS IS WHAT YOU GET....

    >>> We don't need to define anything that emerges from friendship... thats your only love... its not about finding or acknwld'ng its about coming across in love! Cry on your fate if you don't understnd it n ish to sail in the Glam sham... you will end up in pain...

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  5. REPLY:I m a girl n I wud like to differ from the first commenter...U dont understand problems for girls...Jus tell me from our college many girls talk to other girls or bond like u guys do??? All girls prefer their bfs or "guys" as friends...Tell me any all girl gang u see in coll.???even if there is, its only a non-bf type of girls grp..those girls probably wudnt even get bfs, considering they present themselves...So if u really want some "decent" looking..(take it literally...i mean goodlooking n brainy) girls as ur friends, they never even talk to u properly if u dont have bf...they themselvees label u as a "behenji"...So having a bf (only if its for showing off sake) is a necessity TO HAVE GOOD FRIENDS....u guys only say..if a girl maintains a distance from guys, jus coz she wants to be an "ideal" "parents pet" many of u "guys" even make an attempt to have genuine frnship wid her widout getting linked up by ppl arnd...or how many "other" girls try to do it....For sake of saying its easy dude...Trying thinking frm our side...i agree it spoils frndship, coz i personally went thru this rejection therfore made a guy whom i dont even love as my so called bf...fine i din have friends in i do...but ppl have changed real good "guy" frnds avoid me coz i m hooked...its the mentality of u guys thts sick...dont blame girls!!

  6. @Anonymous

    May I know who is this? Atleast offline.

    therfore made a guy whom i dont even love as my so called bf...

    ### Bingo! Here I hit at the right spot! The point I was trying to drive home- that having a boyfriend has become a thing of show-off or a style statement amongst today's girls and like all other style-statements, these girls have begun to use their "boyfriends" as use-and-throw commodities- which is so sick of them.

    my real good "guy" frnds avoid me coz i m hooked..

    ### If that is really so, the guys you talking about were never your real friends in the first place. They were just hitting on you, and since they can no longer do that, they distanced themselves. Consider yourself lucky. Otherwise, no sensible guy ever does what you have described, and I tell this from my personal experience.

    And tell me, dont you do the same once you are hooked? WOuld you still go hang out with those "guy" friends with as much ease as you did when you were single? I guess not.


    Dude...i can still hang around with my "guy" frnds...coz i dont feel they r alienated...those ppl fell conscious i guess...

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. alienated n conscious ha....

    i'l let you know... what that was...

    Your Bloody relations... n u dare to talk about talking on Guy friends... and other things.. where on the other side your truth.. is ready to slap you again!

    Can't kill the truth can you!... Your past has made you Cry enough... Now Your future might be at Stake too...

    'I' Wont do anything GODS watching... But hey Yeah you will pay the price for sure... all your Sins...!!

  10. @Anonymous

    Please refrain from making repeated derogatory remarks against particular person. It does not serve any purpose more so when the identity of the person targetted is not mentioned, nobody except you and him/her can make any sense out of your posts.


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