Sunday, October 3, 2010

Oh Yaaro, Yeh India Bula Liya!

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Amidst much fanfare, the Commonwealth Games 2010 begin today in Delhi with a spectacular Opening Ceremony, and being halfway across the globe from India, technology came in the way of me seeing it live, what with the IP address based blackouts imposed by live streaming sites in USA. On the other hand, technology came handy in another form to keep me entertained and informed about the event. Yes, Twitter to the rescue! If you missed the live show like me, or just want to re-live the experience, here are some extremely creative, witty, humorous, silly updates I enjoyed on Twitter-

Note: Please scroll down to the end of this post and start reading the tweets bottom-up to be in the right chronological order.

BDUTT: History turns full circle. Gandhi and the dandi march to the strains of a beautiful tears-inducing Vaishnava Janato, as Charles looks on!

sunainak: We have so many Shakiras at our opening ceremony

sairamiyer: More ppl on the #CWG train than total population of St Kitts & Nevis, Nauru, Lesotho, Turk & Caicos & The Gambia

shanx13: Man that neon humanoid is super cool! #CWG opening is beyond my wildest expectations! #awesome

gkhamba: OH MY GOD! They recreated samay from Mahabharata

DelhiDean: #CWG opening is the most honest depiction of India I've seen. Brilliant choreography of its chaos and energy.

gkhamba: Disappointed that Shilpa Shetty's Yoga video isn't playing on the aerostat

gkhamba: Yoga is starting. Baba Ramdev will now boost athletes performance, heal dengue and cure white people of homosexuality

gkhamba: Raas Leela between Krishna and the Gopis. No Rahul Mahajan in sight

sunainak: If I didn't know this was the CWG Opening Ceremony, I'd wonder why we're celebrating Republic Day earlier this year.

twilightfairy: Yes #CWG2010, army ke bina tumhara kuch nahi ho sakta thaa. Army band playing on. Feels like school days again

gkhamba: "Let the Gems begin". This Pratibha Patil speech was brought to you by Cadbury's

shanx13: Abdul Kalam Azad!!! Kalmadi you idiot... Can someone tie him to the afterburner of a MiG 21 please? #fail

flyyoufools: First time I've heard Pratibha speak.

diogeneb: Charles:"Abeyaar, baton kahan gaya?" Kalmadi:"Oye, abhi to Diana"

gkhamba: Pratibha Patil can now star on NBC's Outsourced

gkhamba: So wait, the baton had to travel from Buckingham to 71 countries just so we could give it back to Charles? B%$#C$## apne saath khud le aata

gkhamba: Why aren't the environmentalists pissed at the carbon footprint of this damn baton?

samar11: Kalmadi was fighter pilot in 1971, why couldn't the pakistanis have shot him down then?

sidin: Indian Railways also has a great ad for the occasion. First class! I shed 2 Tiers of pride.

shanx13: Who the hell are those fat aunties in the Indian contingent? I seriously hope they're not competing

gkhamba: Someone slap MMS and Patil and tell them to smile, wave, DO SOMETHING!

sunainak: Pratibha Patil ko bhi paseena aata hai

gkhamba HOLY! Indian contingent is HERE :D Looks like 680 people coming to drop off Abhinav Bindra at the airport

gkhamba: Turks and Caicos islands. Karan Johar is getting a shitload of new locations to get a "new look" for his movie

gkhamba: Tonga. Banned in North Delhi and parts of Calcutta

gkhamba: Swaziland. Where illegal Punjabi immigrants land up thinking they're going to Switzerland

sifar: Wow, the St. Kitts placard holder is HOT! #cwg

gkhamba: Sri Lanka is here. Crowd goes WTF not again. #TooMuchCricket

gkhamba: The South African contingent is here. Unfortunately, Lalit Modi is not the flagbearer

gkhamba: Singapore. The crowd roars because of the easy visa and cheap flight tickets

lavsmohan: Seychelles sea shells on the sea shore

samar11: Thought I knew every country but never heard of Niue

sunainak: Some place called Samoa. Damn they just missed it by a S! #Samosa

twilightfairy: yes good question. where is that widow from nigeria whose hubby left her so much money that she wanted my bank acct no?

gkhamba: The hot women leading the contingents are brought to you by the Frankfinn Air-hostess Academy

gkhamba: Here comes Nigeria. Kalmadi sent them a mail offering 1,00,000 $s in exchange for a vote. They said "We're not falling for that one".

shanx13: The Isle of Man flag is like Supercool!

twilightfairy: "isle of man" - yeh kaunse desh hain bhai??

sidin: Huge contingent from England. Not the first time that has happened. Hope they go back soon this time

sunainak: Falkland Islands are the opposite of Virgin Islands?

shanx13: The Raj gives it back to us! The English contingent wears Indian clothes for the #CWG opening. Now that's a #win. I Like

LimeIce: Whats with the Virgin in British Virgin Islands? How were all these people born?

diogeneb: Bermuda contingent is wearing 'full pant'. #Outrage

tantanoo: I am so getting this Aerostat thingy for my wedding. #dahej

mohak: Prince Charles has texted the Queen "Mom, you are missing this awesome shit, Camilla is tripping on the beats" #CWG

gkhamba: Stadium looking hot. Manmohan Singh walking in with the only man who can steal money from Rajnikanth - Mr. Kalmadi.

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