Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Tribute to Orkut

Genre: College Life

The world might have embraced Facebook and declared Google’s Orkut a failure, but for me Orkut is very close to my heart. After all the contribution of Orkut towards me successfully completing my B. Tech Electronics Engineering degree is significant, something that Facebook could never achieve. Here is a tribute to those glorious days-

Kya kare kya na kare…

Kaisi paheli hai yeh…kaisi paheli…

Confusion hi confusion hai, Solution kuch pata nahi…

Solution jo mila toh saala question kya tha pata nahi…

Look at the type of “things” that got lost and Orkut helped us find…

…and finally The Revolt!

The only successful mass-boycott, accomplished thanks to Orkut!

Can Facebook match this? Naah!

Disclaimer: This post is not intended to hurt the sentiments of any person, institution. or website. Please take it sportingly.


  1. Heh heh, liked the last one. I am still waiting for Chinchu's 100 bucks!

  2. Correct! Orkut is Orkut and no facebook can takes its place.. :)

  3. LOL...this is vjti nostalgia...
    and for the record...i still love orkut...its way better than fb other than the status msg least we dont get confused about what is where!!

  4. hahahahah!!!!!!!
    I am thinking of doing a similar VJ Wizards post now.... boy oh boy will we have some crazyyyyyy screenshots! :P :D

    Nice post! Nostalgia truly... :)

  5. @Pravin

    Me too!

    @Aamod, Zai

    While I appreciate your undying love for Orkut, my aim here was not to glorify Orkut (or malign Facebook) per se, rather it was to pay a tribute to the way WE used it! :D

    @Ice Maiden

    I can help you in shortlisting from there too! BTW, here I have left out some more juicy posts, lest someone decides to take action against me! :P

  6. Yaar! The only reason I didn't comment here was because I find Orkut incredibly boring and lame. :P

    Saare rishtey tod diye maine Orkut se =)

  7. @Ana

    Even after seeing all this we did, you think Orkut is boring and lame? NAAH... it has made me an engineer!

  8. Good one mate :) The 'revolt' kicked ass.. we do that too :P

  9. @Sriram

    I bet you don't do it via Orkut though! If you do, I will be glad to know that the legacy is being passed on all over India


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