Sunday, April 4, 2010

Puneri Patya

Genre: India

Anyone who has ever been to Pune would have noticed one peculiarity about the city- the residents of this Maratha city are hot-headed and in-your-face (not to mention, very creative) in putting across their point, especially when it comes to signboards and instructions. Here is a collection of such signs, some of them observed by me during my many visits to Pune, some from friends in Pune, and some lifted off the internet, all showcasing The Spirit of Pune in all its glory. The real punch is in reading the original Marathi version but I am providing English translations for the benefit of lesser mortals-

We have not assigned you the responsibility of painting our building. Do not spit.

This is an office. There is nothing worth seeing inside. Do not enter.

(This one is self-explanatory I guess)

Do not make weird unusual noises while washing hands or gargling.

Salesmen, do not ring the bell. All your goods will be confiscated.

Bungalow is empty. Nothing worth stealing. Do not unnecessarily take the trouble.

And then there are these signs whose original photos are unfortunately not available-

Do not pee here, otherwise we will permanently stop it for you.

Do not ask for credit. You will be insulted.

We are vegetarian but our dog is not.

Do not sit for long time. You may have no other work but this is not a garden.

And finally, trust a true Punekar to come up with one for the potholed roads too-

Grand 100m Motocross Competition. Organizer: Pune Municipal Corporation.


  1. awesome stuff :)
    courageous and creative pune people...what else can I say??

  2. LOL! =)) You had me grinning all the way. Jeez, I can't believe these signs are actually put up!

  3. Boy oh boy!!! This city seems totally kickass!! Awesome, man!

  4. forgot to put up the IPL jersey for the Pune team :D

  5. @myself
    Yes, courageous AND creative they are!
    BTW, nice to see you here. Do drop in often.

    Spend one day in Pune and you will find hundreds of such samples!

    It is, indeed! Wait for next year's IPL - you can expect some vocabulary fireworks from the Pune franchise! :D

    Dude, that t-shirt was the inspiration to go into this topic!

  6. lol @ Salesmen, do not ring the bell. All your goods will be confiscated.

    All of them are so funny !

  7. OMG!! Totally kickass - ROTFLMAO!!! I didn't know Pune had this feisty side to it too :D

  8. really funny...I have lived in Pune for many years and got to see so many of these funny notices all over :)

  9. @Lazy Pineapple

    Welcome here! BTW, loved the title "Lazy Pineapple"! Creative! :)

    I bet you must have seen many more of these gems. Do you remember any?

  10. really really awesome collection. Almost all of the posts are nice. I always like to visit this site.

    keep up


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