Saturday, April 17, 2010

Life Beckons Outside VJTI

Genre: College Life

My dear friends from the Class of 2010,

I hope tonight was a good night. As you look ahead after Nirop, the big bad world beckons. For four years, VJTI has given you some of the best experiences of your life- working on prehistoric machines in lab, spending more money at Aarti and Chandan than you do on yourself, making sixty handwritten replicas of assignments and submitting them for safekeeping. Now it is time for you to give back to VJTI.

Contribute towards the well-being of those who served you for four years. Take the Director's Assistant for jogging along the bylanes leading upto Five Gardens. Be brave and be prepared to face adversities. The residents of Parsi Colony will shout, scream at and abuse you for your act that damaged the roads. Do not pay attention.

Appreciate the hard work put in by the non-teaching staff. Buy 100 I-cards and gift them to the watchman at Main Gate so that he can relax from his routine shouting of "I-card kuthe aahe???"

Support education for all. Purchase books and necessary stationery for the most enthusiastic student on campus- The White Dog of VJTI who sincerely attends every lecture, year after year, leading the way in our dream of seeing 100% literacy in India.

The world is yours, go achieve your dreams!


  1. hehe...funny.. i just happened to watch pratibimb videos yesterday..n even m filled with nostalgia!

  2. u sound like u graduated from vjti 40 yrs ago n u r giving advice to the current students.

  3. @DeJaVu

    Wait one month, I will send you more pics of VJTI, more nostalgia!


    Someone who graduated from VJTI 40 years ago will definitely NOT give THIS type of advice :P

  4. heh :D good tongue in cheek stuff :P

  5. hehe.. i guess the only difference between those that graduated 40 years ago and us is :

    then those antique machines must have been new.
    the ndog's ancestors might have attended colege
    and since there wasnt any concept of a photocopy, people must have thronged shops similar to aarti and chandan to buy carbon paper :) :)

  6. @Shreyas

    No man, 40 years back those machines would still be antiques. You are underestimating their age :P

    And imagine Kakar/Ingle writing his assignment with layers of carbon paper and ten other assignments below! LOL!


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