Saturday, May 1, 2010


At a multi-cultural students' gathering in a little town in USA-

American Guy (AG): Ah! India! Where is that famous temple?

Roomie 1 (R1): Which? Tirupati?

AG: Umm.. no..

Roomie 2 (R2): Golden Temple?

AG: Umm.. no..

R1: Meenakshi Temple?

AG: Um.... not that...

R2: Khajuraho?

AG: Naah.. that big one...

R1: Rameshwaram?

Random Guy walks in: Taj Mahal?

AG: Ah! YES!

Me, R1, R2: *facepalms* :|


  1. Arre you shouldve said - Where is that famous mosque in USA?
    Which one?
    White House :D

  2. LOL!!

    Even the world appreciates how syncretic we are. Beautiful, no?

  3. @tilopinion

    I do not wish to invite the wrath of those clerics. After blaming earthquakes on promiscuous women, they might blame volcano eruptions on my blog.

    @ Manish

    Dude, this is not GRE coaching class, please use easier words next time!

    @ Sriram



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