Sunday, September 13, 2009

The Elusive Princess

Genre: Fantasy

Once there was a young wanderer who met a beautiful girl in The City of Dreams. He instantly fell in love with her innocence. Over a period of time, they got to know each other, but never good enough. They were always around each other but not as much as he would have liked. He used to yearn to see a glimpse of her. Her sweet smile made him go weak in his knees. Her innocent giggle used to bring a smile to his face. His only misfortune was that she was always in her own world. He cared for her, went out of his way for her, and expected her to be with him in his thick and thin but she never realized it.

Then came a time when he had to move away- to a faraway land across the ocean. Before leaving, he wanted to see her one last time, but she did not come to meet. At the eleventh hour before his departure, he tried to let her know his feelings but she, being in her dream-world, did not care about it. Finally, from his new home in the new land, he wrote to her, expressing his love that he could not express in person, and began the long wait, eagerly expecting her reply. Days passed, months passed, but he did not hear anything from her. Till date, he lives in hope, and for him, she remains The Elusive Princess.

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