Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Music and (No) Lyrics

Over the past few months, our Hindi song-writers have shown amazing creativity in composing the lyrics of some of their best songs. Presenting a few of the gems-

The foundation of this Creative Lyrics Movement was laid by none other than the venerable Gulzar with this one-

Tu rani hai France ki,
Main baansuri baans ki,
Hamaari society mein yeh chalta nahin.

No no monsieur, no no,
Itna simple nahin.
Chal dafaa ho kahin.
Oh, lauta de mera Ticket to Hollywood.
(Movie: Jhoom Barabar Jhoom)

Waah! Kya arz kiya hai! Kudos for successfully managing to use four different languages in a paragraph, but for heaven's sakes, can somebody explain me what is this supposed to mean?

Going one step further, a little-known lyricist Asif Ali Beg came up with this masterpiece-

Krazzzy with a K

thats the way..
Say K R A Zeee Zee Y
Do it anyway just put the K
in K R a Zee Zee Y
(Movie: Krazzy 4)


But the one that takes the cake (the entire cake-dish infact) is this absolutely original number from Aditya Dhar (again, I have no clue who this person is.)

One two three

One two three
One two three
And one two three...
Tedhi medhi, medhi tedhi,
Duniya ki A B C D.
Arre, sau sau mausam jhele hain
Har paudha ban-ne ko tree.
(Movie: One Two Three - yes, such a movie actually exists.)

Wow! What a thought! No Comments.

PS: Readers are welcome to add their own 'candidates' to the list.


  1. funnie indeed,bt u missed da cherry on da cake.below is the link to da most amazin song eva written,apparently its by sm P.K mishra..no idea watsoeva.alog wit da lyrics da english translation is also given jst to make it even more "sensible" or mebbe not.
    Check it yoself!

  2. Quite a funny blog....even the song "Sasura chance maare re" from one of the biggest bombers of this year Tashan is quite a funny song...Its Vishal's forte to write such songs

  3. @Lost Soul

    Haha!! Your contribution to the Movement is awesome! But remember, this is actually a translation of a Tamil song and the words have been selected in such a way only as to maintain the tune. The original Tamil song may not be this meaningless. But you never know!

    And btw, how could you forget your favourite- "Aa Ante...". The lyrics of this one are also hilariously childish!

  4. @ Abhishek

    Yeah even that one makes it to the shortlist. But then there are too many of these 'nautanki' type of songs with equally bad (or worse)lyrics to be included here.

    You may refer to Govinda movies of the past decade for more "stuff". Infact "Govinda special" songs are so unique and so many in number, they deserve a separate post altogether.


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