Thursday, March 8, 2007

You are a True Electronics Engineer when...

You are a true Electronics Engineer when...

  •  You actually believe there is also a soccer team called DC Milan like AC Milan 
  • You get more excited on seeing the curves on a CRO than the curves of a girls's body
  • Whenever you hear the words AC, you think of Alternating Current when others think of Air Conditioner
  • You firmly believe that a 'stripper' is just a scissor-like instrument to cut wires and nothing else
  •  You have repaired (or in the pretext of repairing, screwed up) at least one appliance in your home
  • You are more interseted in seeing the interior of your PC CPU - processor, RAM et al, rather than stuff coming on the monitor
  •  Whenever you see any electronic gadget opened, you use words like IC 7432 and BC 147B knowing perfectly well that no one else is interested in knowing the code names of the components inside
  •  You forget to follow dress codes at parties but remember resistor color codes by heart
  •  Whenever you say 'chips', you are referring to Integrated Circuit (ICs) and not potato wafers
  •  Your Favourite Honeymoon Destination would include a trip to Silicon Valley.


  1. Really really true... I'm definitely going for electronics in college!


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