Thursday, May 8, 2008

Conflicting Images

The Kargil War Memorial, Leh.

Everytime I think of this place, my blood starts boiling and my heart goes out to those hundreds of kids who lost their fathers and the hundreds of women who lost their husbands fighting those bloody Pakis , disguised as "jehadis". Yes, we did manage to shoo the creeps out of our territory but in the process 455 countrymen had to pay with their life. Why dont we just kick their asses off once and for all so that in the future we dont have to deal with their crappy ways all over again...

International Border, Wagah

And then, every time I think of this image, only one thing comes to my mind - why are we two different countries when everything is so exactly the same on both sides- same people, same food, same fields which grow same crops- so much so that from this photo you can't even make out which side is India and which side is Pakistan! Can you?

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