Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Maro Saalo!

Genre: Mumbai

Visualize this-

A middle-aged man jumps off Platform 3 at Malad, wanting to cross over to Platform 4. He sees a Virar bound Fast local approaching far away on Line 3. He misjudges the speed of the train. The train hits him at nearly 100kmph. A black chappal is seen flying in the air. When the entire train has passed, all that is left is a lump of flesh and torn clothes drenched in blood. Within seconds, crows gather over it and start tearing off pieces of flesh...

I am sorry if you found this description too gory. However, it seems thousands of Mumbaikars do not mind dying this way. After all inspite of repeated warnings, education campagins, barricades, fines, even prosecutions, they remain nonchalant and adamant. It might come as a shock to you that while a total of 1200 soldiers were killed in the three wars India fought with Pakistan, almost three times that number- a staggering 3500 people die on Mumbai's railway tracks every single year, and yet nobody seems to care! The railways are not to blame here- WR and CR have both done all that they could to stop people from crossing tracks- warning boards have been put up at all platforms dissuading people from crossing tracks. WR went one step ahead and came up with a jingle which became an instant hit ("Rail Ki Patri... Paar Na Kare") but the irony is that the very passengers who hum this jingle standing on the platforms, jump the tracks the very next moment! Probably realizing the popular Hindi idiom 'Laato ke Bhoot Baaton se nahi maante', both WR and CR even started an intensive anti-trespassing drive and hundreds of track-crossers even went to jail for 3 to 7 days. But even this doesn't seem to deter most of the idiots. The heights of stupidity was reached at Jogeshwari yesterday when a mob went to the Station Master's office demanding that the barricade put up to prevent track crossing be removed because they find climbing the bridge "too tiring"!

This is not an isolated case. Passengers all over Mumbai have come up with the most innovative (and really really stupid) excuses to justify their idiotic act- from the most popular "Come on, I am not blind. I see properly and cross the tracks" and "I am too tired/late/bored to climb the bridge" to the unusual ones like "The bridge has been built in very unusual way and there are too many steps" and "My Rs 2 coin fell down so I am crossing the tracks".

To all these morons, I ask just one question- is saving two minutes orsaving the effort of climbing a few flight of stairs more important than your life? Have you ever imagined what your mom will go through when she comes to know that her son/daughter who had gone to college in the morning is now lying in a morgue in three-four chopped pieces? Have you ever given a thought to what your wife will go through when she comes to know that her husband for whom she was so eagerly waiting all evening is now just a lump of flesh whom she wouldn't be able to recognise? Ever wondered what will be the reaction of your children when they come to know that they will never even get to see the face of their mom/dad who had gone to work in the morning?

If inspite of all this, you justify your track-crossing act, I have only one thing to say- MARO SAALO! GO TO HELL! That's what you deserve!


PS: See THIS video if you haven't seen it so far.


  1. Electric fencing would prove a good deterrent!!!

  2. @Abhishek

    Yahaan already 6-14 hours load-shedding hai.. if you start "wasting" electricity for such purposes, just imagine what will be the public reaction!

  3. Check out this link.. http://www.consumershero.com/ Go there with a prepared mind, though..

    A train accident would be a hundred times worse! I think you can put this link on the post...

  4. @Sari



    Man, that was GROSS! Such photos of track crossing deaths should be pasted in one room at every station and everyone caught crossing the tracks should be detained in that room and made to see the gory photos. Only then they would probably think twice before crossing the tracks again.

  5. Rather than a room, put them at the point people usually cross. Make them face these reality while they cross.

    On other thoughts .. a lot of people with problems with their feet/legs and yes, heart patients, find it extremely difficult to cross over using the foot-over bridge. They understand the danger of crossing on the track but cant really go over the foot-over on daily basis. Hope escalators and elevators on railway stations are not tooo distant future in India

  6. Wow. This is crazy! Being a delhiite, this is totally new to me. :O

  7. @Shoonya

    "problems with their feet/legs and yes, heart patients," cannot be a justified reason for track crossing!

    Yes, elevators/escalators are much needed but before that a LOT of civic sense needs to be inculcated into the Indian junta.. how do we do that?


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