Thursday, September 16, 2010

Sapne Rangeen

Genre: College Life

Scene at a typical Engineering Company Information Session during Job Fair at a big US University

(Room has 3 company representatives, one stereotypical corporate PPT on the screen, 25-odd graduate students, around 50% of them Indian, and one large table with half a dozen boxes of pizza)

Company Representative: (after 15 minutes of reading from PowerPoint slides) Okay, that was all about us. There are many reasons why you should consider joining our company...

Indian Student: (wonders) Hhmm.. let's hear...

Rep: We offer three weeks paid vacation per year...

Stud: Ok...

Rep: We have casual environment at the office. You can come wearing shorts, watch sports on big screen...

Stud: Sounds good...

Rep: Our company provides housing, transport, and free gourmet organic delicacies at the office food court...

Stud: Niice...

Rep: We provide full health insurance, dental and vision plans, retirement benefits,...

Stud: Awesome. Mast hai...

Rep: We have weekend activities like trekking, scuba diving, dinners, happy hours, movie nights,...

Stud: Brilliant... kya sahi company hai yaar...

Rep: Once a year we have a Summer Party where we hire an entire island off the Atlantic coast and its a huge carnival- you know, beaches, babes, booze,...

Stud: Woooowwww!!! This is heavenly!!!

Rep: (after 40 minutes of company-ki-laal-karing) So, anyone has any questions?

Stud: Do you hire international students?

Rep: Er.. no.

Stud: BEHEN#%@&.!!! :|

(Angrily grabs two slices of pizza and walks out)


  1. this is hilarious!! hahahahhhahahha.. great writing..

  2. haahhahah bechare indians

  3. @DejaVu

    Thanku Thanku :)

    I was hoping u'd comment something about the title (u know why!)


    Haan yaar! Bechare :(

    STOP calling yourself Anonymous. "Satan's Darling" sounds better :P

  4. :) :)

    I think the pizza wud hve disappeared way before though...

  5. @Urvish

    Depends. Company Info Sessions are of three types-
    Good (Pizza before start of ppt)
    Bad (Pizza in middle of ppt)
    Ugly (Pizza after ppt and questions)

  6. Today, we had a career fair and I spoke to this company for fifteen mins after which they asked me whether I had US citizenship or permanent residency. When I replied in negative, I was told the following "First get your permanent residency and then contact us. I am sure we would have some openings for you then."


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