Friday, April 25, 2008

The IPL Tamasha

Genre: Blabber

Today as the Indian Premier League, or IPL, has sent the entire nation into a frenzy, we ask some special people to voice their opinion about the event. Some more opinions are awaited.

Arjun Singh: From next season, 27% seats in all stadiums will be reserved for OBC spectators.

Aishwarya Rai: (Giggles).... (Giggles again)..

Pervez Musharraf: The Indians have forcefully taken away my players. I will complain to Bush uncle about it. And Kashmir is a part of Pakistan.

Rakhi Sawant: Ye log apne aap ko samajhte kya hai.. Shahrukh Khan aur Preity Zinta naachte hai to chalta hai, main naachu to sabko problem hota hai.. meri to koi izzat hi nahi hai.. blah..blah..blah..

Ram Gopal Varma: I am planning a remake of this series. It will be called "Ram Gopal Varma Ki IPL"

Raj Thackerey: I want that 80% players in all teams should be Marathi speaking, or else we will launch an agitation

Manmohan Singh: I will ask Sonia madam and let you know.

Mukesh Ambani: IPL? What IPL?


  1. lolz..
    it was quite funny..try to add sm more of em.

  2. Speak to Advanis boys also... they will say something "The Skin is too much, we will get clothes for the cheerrring people"

  3. Rakesh Roshan - I'll buy an IPL team...then i'll make my son the ICON player...(and i'll save HUGE amounts of money) [:D]


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