Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Friends For Life

I first thought of making this album on Orkut but that unfortunately does not give me the opportunity to give an Introductory Speech to the Album. So, here we go-

This Album is special to me because the people featured in it are special to me. They are the ones who have been with me through thick and thin, shared the joys and sorrows, trusted me and cared for me, unconditionally. If you find yourself in this album, consider yourself lucky to be one amongst the elite few. If not, there may be two reasons to it-
(i) You have been mean/self-centered or taken me for granted.
(ii) There is no good photo of yours which I can display.
Which of the above two reasons apply to you, you know best.

The inspiration for this album came from here-

एक दिन ज़िन्दगी ऐसे मुकाम पर पहुँच जाएगी
दोस्ती तो सिर्फ यादों में रह जाएगी
हर कप coffee याद दोस्तों की दिलाएगी
और हसते हसते फिर आँखें नाम हो जाएगी
Office के chamber में classroom नज़र आएगी
चाहते हुए भी proxy नहीं लग पाएगी
पैसा तो बहुत होगा पर उसे लुटाने की वजह ही खो जाएगी
जी ले खुलके इस पल को मेरे दोस्त...
क्यूंकि ज़िन्दगी इस पल को फिर से नहीं दोहराएगी.


Note: This list is not comprehensive. There will be regular additions and subtractions depending on prevalent circumstances.


  1. I loved the CLR pic.. awesome - BOXN and all :D

  2. AWWWWW.........

    *i look dead to the world.... cant we have a photo session in the quad and get more pics of u n me???? *

  3. @ Sriram

    Well, the BOXN was actually an uncalled guest in the pic.. fits fine nevertheless!

    PS: All those who are reading this comment and wondering which is the CLR pic and who/what/where is BOXN in the photo, I dont blame you for your ignorance!

  4. @ ice maiden

    Remember it was YOU who suggested that I use this particular pic?

    And yeah, "photo session in quad" is a recurring phenomenon.. it will occur very soon.. just ensure you are with the right person (ahem, you know who!) at the right time!


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