Tuesday, September 30, 2008

All Xs are Ys

Genre: Blabber

All politicians are corrupt.
All policemen are bribe-hungry.
All Hindi films are masala movies.
All English movies are dirty.
All bearded men are Muslims.
All Muslims are terrorists.
All states north of Maharashtra are UP-Bihar.
All people from UP-Bihar are bhaiyas.
All South Indians are Madrasis.
All Madrasis live on idli-dosa.
All guys looking for a gf are despos.
All girls who've had more than one bf are bitches.
All foreigners are Americans.
All Gulf countries are Dubai.
All veg food is ghaas-phoos.
All non veg food is mutton-machchi.
All IITians are nerds.
All SoBo residents are snobs.
All Gujjus eat only khaman-dhokla.
All outings involving a guy and a girl are dates.
All bloggers are wannabes vying for attention.

When will this stereotyping end????


  1. True buddy... oh btw what's 'ghaas phoos'?

  2. All Communists are empty headed dreamers
    All Indians are Cricket-crazy(except me)
    All VJTIians are so-called engineers
    All humans are Homo.......Sapiens....
    LOL...good one...blueIndian...

  3. @Pranay

    Thanks a lot for dropping by, dude!

    Such words of appreciation drive me to improve my standards.

  4. @Sriram

    You "Madrasis" dont know what ghaas-phoos is?

    Ghaas-phoos:(n) Green grass usually eaten by cows and buffaloes.

  5. @Anoop

    Thanks for adding to the list. I am sure there are many more facts I missed out on.

  6. It was quite good...hey why dont u contact the IIMs...maybe they might be interested to include some of this in the Logical Ability section of CAT-2008-:)

  7. i dont agree.... ur too prejudiced against muslims here.... n some of the things u said are not entirely true,... there are always exceptions in everything....

  8. @Ice Maiden

    Shee.. you didn't get the crux of the post.. it is this widespread prejudice against certain sections of the society that I was speaking against.. didn't you get the sarcasm?

    Better Luck Next Time!


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