Saturday, October 4, 2008

Tata.. Please Go to Gujarat

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As Ratan uncle finally says tata to Singur, one question that is on everybody's mind is - where will the Nano factory finally come up? As expected, almost half a dozen states are in the fray to attract Tata with Maharashtra and Gujarat being the forerunners.

I so much hope Tata does not make the mistake of moving to Maharashtra- not because I do not want development in Maharashtra but because the moment Tata goes to Maharashtra, Raj Thackerey and other similar-minded jerks will come out with outrageous demands such as reserving 80% jobs in the Nano factory for people from certain caste/creed/religion/place of birth, "order" Tatas to write टाटा नैनो only in Marathi on all cars and such other shitty crap and eventually force the closure of the factory to gather some cheap publicity. In short, all the reasons why Tata opted out of Bengal will come hounding back. It makes better business sense to rather shift to Gujarat- a state with industry-friendly government and enterprising people. Shift to Savli in Baroda district with Bombardier of Germany for company, shift to Mundra Port SEZ or shift to any of the other dozen-odd industrial centres in Gujarat but please dont shift to Maharashtra.

Now if only Ratan Tata reads my blog...


  1. i completely agree wit moving to Maharashtra they'll repeat the mistake of going to Singur.Gujarat seems a viable option considering the business minded people there will def see the opportunity n benefit nano will bring to the it saves da trouble of writing in marathi :P

  2. lets not get personal here guys.being a 'gujju' and let me stress the big G over here,you are bound to claim that all 'GUJJUs' are industrious and so is thy state.all this after you have enjoyed the benefits of being in maharastra or for that matter 'Amchi Mumbai'.agreed thakrey and others are chauvinists,but that doesn't give you the right to generalize dear friend.Let me make a comment on Gujjus taking the example of Narendra Modi,the HINDU extremist,TERMINATOR of non-HINDUS.Let me give you the examples of Vikram Pandit(Marathi Manoos),Anil Kakodkar(again Marathi),Lata Mangeshkar(ahem ahem!),Asha Bhosle,Harsha Bhogle,Rajdeep Sardesai,Vijay Kelkar,Dilip Vengsarkar,Dilip Sardesai,C. D. Deshmukh ,Dr. Jayant Narlika.
    I am sure you haven't heard these names before.That is bound to happen my dear friend.Lets not write what our Elders discuss about at home sweet home.The reality is always different.Research first then BARK!
    If you care to read Amartya Sen,you may realize how inane your views are when you generalize something based on language,caste,nation....
    So next time do your Homework and then BLOG! Get a life......

  3. First things first.. I hate cowards who hide behind the Anonymous tag when making strong statements. So, next time before you ask me to get a life, please get an IDENTITY for yourself.

    I so much saw this coming from atleast one myopic, narrow-minded, ultra-conservative reader.It came sooner than I expected! I have lived all my life in "Aamchi Mumbai" and I love it as much as any other Mumbaikar. I dont feel the need to write my name in Marathi to show my love for the city.

    You listed out a dozen eminent Marathis and I can counter it with a list of two dozen eminent Gujjus but what point are you trying to drive home with it? Did I write anything against Marathis or Maharashtra? I just brought out the reality in the wake of current political gimmicks. You advise me to "research first and then bark" but tell me in the last one year, hasn't Raj Thackerey and similar other publicity-hungry politicians gone and shut industries in Nasik because they employed North Indians? Hasn't the same group of fanatics "ordered" all shops in Mumbai to compulsorily write their names in Marathi? Did I mention anything besides this in my post?

    Moral of the story- understand the CONTEXT in which a post is written before starting off with your pre-recorded "Maharashtra is best and Modi is a Hitler" tape record.

  4. Well well...don't you think you are raising an unnecessary issue? Have you ever seen टाटा इंडिगो मरीना or टाटा इंडिगो or टाटा इंडिका or बजाज "name of bike" or मर्सिडीस सी क्लास or महिंद्रा स्कॉर्पियो written on any vehicles? Why do you think that only Nano will have टाटा नैनो written over it?

  5. @Akshay

    Do you really think I am raising an "unnecessary" issue? Why are you forgetting the reality? Haven't MNS goons gone all around our city forcing all shopkeepers to change their signboards to Marathi? Haven't the same goons gone to Nasik and forced closure of industries because they employed North Indians? What is the guarantee that they will not harass Tata over these two issues- compulsory Marathi and anti North India?

    I do not understand why you are missing my main point here- I am NOT against Maharashtra. I am against the cheap publicity loving politicians who are creating an industry-unfriendly environment and denying the common man the chance to prosper with industrialization. This is the only reason I want Tata to set up the Nano factory in Gujarat where 17 SEZs are running perfectly fine with public-government-industry co-operation.

  6. @ mr/miss/mrs anonymous
    Get your research right before commenting. Anil Kakodkar, Dilip Sardesai (and therefore Rajdeep), Lata Mangeshkar (and therefore Asha Bhosle) are not Maharashtrians, they are Goans.
    And yea, we know what will happen to Tatas if and when they put up a factory in Maharashtra.
    @ Karan I hope the Tatas see your blog, but the Thakreys don't. [:)]

  7. Gujarat is the best option for the TATA Nano plant...after all 30% of Nano's components are to be sourced from has one of the best connectivity in the form of railways and sea ports...the locations which TATA is interested in is Mundra, Sananad(Ahmedabad Dist.), Padra(Vadodara Dist.), Maroli(Navsari Dist.) Vadodara they will also have GM for company-:)
    And I am steering away from the controversy...i would only say that at present the better option is Gujarat than Maharashtra...
    And definitely Thackrey's should not see this blog otherwise they would again go on a rampage and start damaging cyber cafes-:)

  8. Steering away from Maha Vs Guj. I feel Tatas have to move to Dharwad, Karnataka. Karnataka has an equal distinction of being an Industry friendly state. Moreover Dharwad already has a Tata HCV plant so sourcing of raw materials and scouting for suppliers become even the more easier. I strongly feel they should move over there.

  9. Yes. I know Thakre is indulging in cheap publicity tactics. But then, there are so many auto plants already functional in Maharashrta (the names in my previous comment) and none of them has been forced to write marathi names on their cars!

  10. @ Rail Traveller

    I have no problems about Tata moving to Karnataka if they want to be close to their HCV plant but I hope they first make sure that there is be no Mamata Banerjee-like publicity-hungry politician waiting to screw up Tata's case.

  11. @ Akshay

    Why are you taking my comment about writing name in Marathi in the literal sense? What I meant was that Raj Thackerey and gang is notorious for finding the most trivial issues and making a big hungama over it and it is very much possible that they may come up with an equally stupid reason to oppose the Tata plant,if not now, maybe later when they run out of other topics.

  12. rightly said..
    Well, in my state almost no development happens quickly.. everything takes ages to happen :|

  13. @sriram

    Tell your Mallu netas to learn something from Modibhai ;-)

    Hey wait.. Kerala is still under the reign of communists, right? No wonder...


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