Thursday, October 9, 2008

Waah Wall-E!

Genre: Entertainment

It is not often that you come across an animation movie that is cute and at the same time carrying a social message. And even rare is to find such a movie winning hearts of audiences world over. Wall-E is one such once-in-a-blue-moon wonder! All critics who claim that a successful movie needs strong dialogues must have been left speechless (pun unintended) by this almost-silent movie that carries itself solely on the basis of amazing animation and vivid facial expressions.

It is hard to miss the wide array of social messages so subtly incorporated into the storyline. Besides the obvious reference to the problem of environmental pollution and accumulation of hazardous waste which forms the essence of the story, there is a lot to look out for- over-dependence on machines resulting in obese lazy humans incapable of doing even the most basic chores, mechanical lifestyle resulting in we humans drifting away from emotions (remember, Captain asking his computer to "Define 'Dance'") and last but not the least, that undescribable happiness and nervousness on finding someone with similar tastes (remember Wall-E trying to hold Eve's hands but hesitating at the last moment!).

Besides the effortless storytelling merely by facial expressions and flawless animation, what makes this movie truly adorable is the way Wall-E intermmitently squeaks- "Eevaaa". So cute!


  1. ooo.... u saw this wonderful movie now???... its so great na??? rem wht wall-e does whn eva shuts down... awwww.... n ya the captain sayin define dance is too good... even define soil... define earth...

  2. @ice maiden

    No yaar.. had SEEN the movie long back.. WROTE about it now :P

    Btw, the female robot is called EVE.. only Wall-E pronounces her 'Eva'.. and yes I do remember that 'date'.. so sweet!


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