Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Shame on You, Delhi!

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Just when I was thinking that India is united in grief after the 26/11 Mumbai attacks, I happened to visit North India for a week and got a taste of the Delhi reaction to Mumbai attacks.

Sample these-

Hindustan Times, Delhi. 10th Dec. 2008. Page 8. Letters to the Editor.
* Mumbai is over-reacting to this incident. The kind of reaction seen in the past week are childish and immature.

* Starting non-cooperation movement against the Government is not the right thing to do. It is wrong to blame the Government for the attacks.

* How can the citizens of Mumbai say that they will not pay taxes? Why don't they realize that this will only hamper the development of other parts of India?

Yeah, without the money from Mumbai, how will the development of Delhi take place? No wonder these guys are worried!

Hindustan Times, Delhi. 13th Dec 2008. Page 8. Dialogue.
"Hey, the people of Mumbai organised a human chain to show their unity against terrorists. What a great thing to do!"

"Yeah, I read about it. I thought it was some sort of gay rights parade."

Yes, this is the chauvinist Delhi. Taking out candle light march at India Gate to get justice for Jessica Lal is fine but Mumbai getting united against terror is compared with gay rights parade.

Shame on you, Delhi!


  1. blooody motherfuckin bastards.... sorry for the abusive language.... bt do these dudes even know wht it is for some ppl out here to LOSE ppl to death????

    *very very pissed...*

  2. OMG - are u serious? Im shocked.
    this is such nonsense.
    People can be so insular, its insane.

  3. @Ice Maiden

    My reaction was the same. After this two episodes, I didn't even bother opening Hindustan Times, Delhi edition.

  4. @Serendipity

    Ofcourse I am. Didn't you see I have mentioned the date and page numbers where I read these articles.

    And btw, welcome! Do drop in more often. :)

  5. This "is" seriusly shitty! jus becz it happened far off from their homes they act so cold n indifferent! Did we react this way during the Delhi blasts?

    In a way, this is the terrorists' purpose served.. they want a rift among our people and the stupid delhiites are doing it! so in a way i'd call them Terrorists!

    Lets join together and understand fellow indians! its high time...


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