Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Top Five of 2008

Ending the year on a high- Five things from 2008 that we would love to remember:

1. IPL

The Indian Premier League (IPL) totally changed the way cricket was played, and viewed. Short and exciting Twenty20 format providing the adrenaline-rush, cheerleaders, and Bollywood beauties adding the glamour quotient and real big money on offer made sure the entire nation was hooked on to it till late nights. And it was total paisa-vasool stuff. Who can forget Harbhajan-Sreesanth slap-show and Preity Zinta's jadoo-ki-jhappi antics working wonders for her team! By the way, just for the record, Shane Warne's One-man-army Rajasthan Royals won.

2. Chandrayaan

India aimed for the moon (quite literally) and got there too, with absolute precision. No technical glitches, no reschedulings, just clinically perfect flight taking the Indian Tricolor (and a dozen scientific equipments too) to the Moon marked a begining of new era- India had joined the elite club of just five nations to have undertaken a successful moon mission. Hats off to ISRO!

3. Tata Nano

Agreed the first car is not yet out on the road, but Tata kickstarted the project that aims to give the Indian aam-aadmi a gaadi of their own- the Rs 1 Lakh Tata Nano. After hitting a major roadblock in the form of Mamta Banerjee in Singur, Tata took the smart decision of shifting lock, stock and barrel to Sanand in Gujarat rather than giving up the project.

4. Olympic Gold

After decades of wait, India finally managed an Olympic Gold Medal when Abhinav Bindra shot his way to the podium in Beijing. This also happened to be the most successful Olympics for India with the boxers bringing in bronze medals as well. Ofcourse the shameful dressing goof-up at the Opening Ceremony was forgotten after this!

5. The Common Man Awakens

The most memorable event of 2008 is definitely the Common Man of India waking up from indifference and taking a stand for his rights. Be it the simple Right to Information Act, inspiration from A Wednesday or the collective anger and frustration post 26/11, the citizens of India have sent across a strong message to the neta-log: Enough is Enough!

Let's hope the flame keeps burning in 2009 bringing about a positive change in our lives!

Wishing everyone a safe, happy and prosperous New Year!


  1. u forgot VJTI diro gettin in deep shit...lolzzz

  2. Hopefully 2009 the list will be more than 5 !!!

  3. @Ice Maiden

    Arre that one scores WAYYY above all these trivial events!

  4. @hitch writer

    Even I am hoping for the same!


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