Saturday, January 3, 2009

Flop Five of 2008

Genre: Blabber

The Five Most Shameful Events of 2008. Let's hope some lessons are learnt from these and we do not see a repeat of it in 2009.

5) Business: Mamta's Roadblock
Vote-hungry Mamta Banerjee's opposition to Tata setting up their mega factory for Nano car in Singur reaching such heights that Tata had to pack up lock stock and barrel left a permanent stain on India in general and West Bengal in particular as being industry-unfriendly state.

4) Entertainment: Lazy Lamhe (Thoda Pyar Thoda Magic)
Agreed there were worse songs than this in the year and worse movies too but this one makes the list for sheer insensitiveness on the part of the director. What the hell was a vulgar cheap song meant solely to show off Amisha Patel's newly acquired figure doing in a Children's Film?? Shame on you, Aditya 'Despo' Chopra. Watch video here.

3) Sports: Harbhajan Singh
Some people just don't learn from their mistakes. After all the brouhaha over Symonds-monkey issue, one expected Harbhajan to mellow down. But it was not to be. He created the most embarassing moment in cricket history by slapping his Team India collaegue S Sreesanth in public after an IPL match. Watch video here.

2) Nation: Note for Vote
We all know how corrupt and shameless our neta-log are but they showed their true colors when they actually brought crores of rupees in bribes right inside the Parliament House making a complete mockery of the Indian Democracy. Watch video here.

1) Politics: RR Patil
This one undobtedly tops the chart- Maharashtra's (now ex) Home Minister RR 'Bargirl' Patil's shocking comment - "Bade Bade sheheron me aise chhote chhote haadse hote rehte hai" describing the 26/11 attacks as a "small incident" made a complete fool of himself and agitated the already angry Mumbaikars eventually leading to his ouster. Watch video here.

Finally a special mention of all Hindi News Channels of India for throwing all rules, ethics and logic to the dogs and flashing every tiny event right from Amitabh Bachchan's re-birth to a black cat climbing onto a roof as "Breaking News". I am sure this will continue way into 2009 as well. If it stops, that would be the biggest Breaking News!


  1. nice list
    A worthy addition now:

    Antulay's comment on Karkare death "conspiracy"

    Vaise toh aur bahut hai.. keep posting!

  2. @Jagged Edge

    More than that comment, I would prefer his comment next day saying "After my earlier comment, I have received so much respect from the Muslim community."

    Bloody bullshit!

  3. hey...i seriously disagree with the RR Patil issue making it to ur list. Frankly, he was an able politician. The 'famed' comment on the Mumbai carnage was nothing but a language error is what I feel and after his ouster, not only bars but even hooch sales have shot up. The new DY CM Bhujbhal is useless.. RR atleast did some good work.


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