Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Chandni Chowk to... HELL!

Genre: Blabber

Today I saw the most horrible, unbearable and bakwaas movie of all time and can't help but write about it here to warn fellow bloggers and readers against a horrendous torture.

Yes, Chandni Chowk to China- the reviews said it was bad, people who saw it said it was pathetic, but I was never prepared for what was actually dished out before me when I actually saw it. The movie has absoultely no storyline (nothing new for Hindi comedies), Akshay Kumar has shown his worst acting (rather overacting) ever, Deepika (not one, but TWO!) is simply forgettable and the dialogues make you pull your hair in disgust.

This movie marked several firsts for me- for the first time ever, I slept midway while watching a movie in theatre. For the first time, I walked out while the movie was running, had a stroll around the multiplex and gathered enough courage to enter again. For the first time ever, a movie gave me severe headache- no kidding- I had to rush home and sleep for three hours to get back to normal!

As if the movie was less torturous, the guys at PVR decided to impart the final blow by keeping the air-conditioners running at freezing temperature, so much so that all the moviegoers (there were 14 of them myself including in the entire theatre) were shivering like a mobile phone on vibration mode! I tried to look around for an usher to ask him to put an end to this suffering, but there was none of them around and I don't blame them- after all even they are humans, how can they bear this torture show after show?

My advice to Mumbai Police- vo terrorist Kasab ko ye movie dikhao, isse jyada effective torture kuch nahi ho sakta!


  1. lolzzzz..... vibration mode!!! god! thank u for warning everyone abt the dangers of watching cc2c. i didnt expect it to be bad, rather with all the promos n all i was expecting it to be quite good. Alas! no suc luck... seems everyone has gone mad in Btown. :P

    see, rather u shud hav seen the match where Tronix lost so badly... :P n where i was cheering like maddd...

  2. call me crazy.. but now i wanna c cctc.. it seems like an experience of a lifetime!! :P


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