Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Santa Singh's Rs. 1000 Answer to Nano!

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If you thought Tata Nano was cheap, wait till you hear this- our very own Santa Singh has developed a Rs 1000 car- yes Ladies and Gentlemen.. put your hands together for Pape Motors' latest offering- the CHINTUU!

Introductory Offer:
Get One Umbrella FREE with every Chintuu!!!

Salient Features:
* Comfortable seating for four Sardars
* Eco-friendly zero-pollution vehicle
* Maximum Speed - Infinity
* Front Wheel Drive, Rear Wheel Drive and Four Wheel Drive options
* Automatic gearless operation
* Retractable roof for sporty looks
* Safety takiya for front passengers (only in high-end model)

Talking to media at the launch party of Chintuu held at Pappu Da Dhaba in Patiala, the man behind the machine- Mr. Santa Singh said, " I have made the world's first car that is truly for the Indian masses unlike Tata Nano which only the lakhpatis can afford."

Explaining the technicalities and salient features of the Chintuu, Mr Singh said, " I wanted to make the world's cheapest car that would also be the most eco-friendly and health-friendly and I have accomplished this by eliminating the engine and replacing it with pedals- one for each passenger. This gives my car the flexibility of being Left Hand.. sorry, Leg Drive, Right Leg Drive, 2-Wheel drive and 4-Wheel drive. I have noticed that today's younger generation loves cars with openable roof so we have eliminated the roof completely. For easier driving, we are providing an option of gearless model too. In the future, taking one step further, we plan to launch a brake-less version too. To reduce the weight and improve performance, we have eliminated all doors and windows. However, since we believe in following strict safety norms, we are providing a grill on the sides in all versions and the top-end version will come with two in-built Safety Takiya for the front passengers which can also be used for sleeping comfortably after having Aloo Paratha and Lassi. I believe in providing the customers personalised service so we have an option wherein every customer will be invited to our Patiala factory and asked to personally install the seats and grills as per his or her choice and even paint the vehicle as he or she wishes to. The paint will be provided by us and the first 100 customers get one Lassi from Pappu Da Dhaba absolutely free."

Commenting on the launch, Marketing Head of Tata Motors said-" Forget Nano. I am going to buy Chintuu. Bolo Ta Ra Ra Ra!!!"


  1. it shud be hawaa-thaili, not safety takiya :)

  2. @Zai

    Agreed Nirmaan this year has taken long to come, but it doesn't mean articles are accepted till eternity! :P

    And no, you will NOT get hawaa-thaili with the Chintuu.. how can you relax on a hawaa thaili after having the famous Aloo Paratha at Pappu Da Dhaba? You will have to accept the two Takiyas that you get!

  3. lolllzzzz i m laughing so hard... great!!! this post made my day!! hahahaha.... whn r u gifting me chintu then??!! ;) :P :D

    n yes, put this in nirmaan.. :)

  4. This is going to give TATA NANO a run for its money-:)

  5. Great one. Ratan uncle seems to have some good competition. Santa Singh's innovation at its finest.


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