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The truth of Modi's Gujarat

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A few days back Sharad Pawar commented that "Maharashtra does not want to be like Modi's Gujarat". Does this person even know what Modi's Gujarat is like? Presenting a few facts from Modi's Gujarat for him and other uninitiated souls-

Sardar Sarovar Narmada Project: 45,000 villages and towns which used to get drinking water once every 15 days now get it daily thanks to the World's Largest Irrigation Network made possible by the Sardar Sarovar Project on Narmada. Medha Patkar and associated idiots had been protesting against this project since years under the name of Narmada Bachao Andolan receiving undercover finance from international petro giants like British Petroleum and ExxonMobil. It was the almost-autocratic stand taken by Modi against them that helped the project see the light of day. As for the issue of re-settlement of locals, I have personally been to Sardar Sarovar and seen the novel initiative of employing the locals as tourist guides who provide info about the project and area free of cost to the visitors.

108- Free Ambulance Service: Probably one of the most useful initiatives of the Narendra Modi government is the Free Ambulance Service. Just dial 108 from any village, town or city in Gujarat and an ambulance will be at your doorsteps within 10 minutes. This is not some political announcement, I have experienced it myself when one of my relatives in a nondescript village near Navsari suffered from heart-attack. The ambulance, fully equipped with a doctor and emergency medicines arrived within 10 minutes as promised. And yes, the service is absolutely free. Does "wannabe-Shanghai" Mumbai have this facility? NO!

SEZ Revolution: West Bengal burnt over Singur, Maharashtra is seeing widescale protests against Reliance Maha Mumbai SEZ and Gujarat? Mundra Port has emerged as the most successful SEZ in the country because the government, rather than opposing the SEZ to gather votes, supported an all-inclusive model wherein the SEZ developers have provided employment to all residents of villages whose land was used for the project. Thanks to this, the farmers of yesterday are businessmen today- running transportation and logistics required for the Mundra Port.

100% e-Connectivity: Gujarat is today India's only state to have ALL its villages connected by internet. Under the e-governence scheme, the grampanchayat of every single village in the state has been provided internet connection and direct connectivity to Gandhinagar. When a project of this magnitued which should make all of us proud was inaugurated in July last year, Times of India carried just a little one column mention of it tucked away in one corner.

24 Hour Power Supply: While Maharashtra reels under 6 to 14 hours of load shedding daily, Gujarat has 24 hour power supply for all towns and villages. And, mind you, this was not the case ten years ago. That time my hometown Valsad used to have load shedding from 7:30pm to 8:30 pm daily and 10am to 5pm on Tuesdays. This is now a thing of the past.

In spite of all this, the Congress Government and a major section of the media can see only one thing- Gujarat riots happened in "Modi's Gujarat", Agreed what happened is shameful and I do not support what the government did that time, but why do these so called "intelligentsia" see only one side of the story? Did the Gujarat riots happen overnight? Why do they forget what happened in Godhra that sparked the riots? I do not say Modi is innocent but I also say that ONLY Modi is not to blame- riots have happened all over India from Punjab to Mumbai and under the Congress rule too. But all that is never mentioned. They can only see the riots that happened in Modi's Gujarat six years ago. And I wouldn't blame them for this- after all Gujarat has seen so much development in the last eight years under Modi, the Opposition is totally speechless, so they keep on bringing up this one issue all the time!

Grow up yaar and wake up to the reality! Sharad Pawar might not want to see replication of Modi's Gujarat in Maharashtra, but I certainly want to!


  1. no kidding!!! :O shittt... i didnt know abt all these things. all i had heard abt were riots. i know for a fact tht he is a good person, cz he came n met my frnd Divya Salaskar whn her dad died. n the things he said... man , hats off to him. he is one amazing person. now i respect him all d more.

    forget shangai... make maharashtra, gujrat instead..:)

  2. @Ice Maiden

    Its not your fault dear.. our "fair and unbiased" media loves Modi-bashing and the fact the the rule at Delhi is of the so-called "secular" party doesnt help matters either.

    Only those who live in Gujarat and have witnessed the development first hand know the true picture.

  3. Though thousands of miles away I do know of the magnitude of development that's happening because of him... and in a place like Kerala, where infrastructure development almost gets overtaken by snails, it looks like a couple of years of his reign wouldn't cause any harm... Sadly, the media highlight only the blotches and not the beauty spots.

  4. @Sriram

    I can understand the situation in your state regarding pace of infrastructure development..
    You may take Modi for 2 years to Kerala but please do not send your Red Brigade to Gujarat in exchange!

  5. One more commendable initiative by Modi is the drive against female foeticide and the drive encouraging female education...
    But its sad when people who genuinely support Modi get sacked form their parties as was the case with one of the CPI leader in Kerala....and now a famous political party in MH says that Modi should not campaign in MH as it affects their chances of winning...what to say??

  6. Modi has made Gujarat one of the best states in the country. Its good that Gujarat dosen't have some gunda party headed by some similar egghead jerk like RT. Even on my numerous visits to Gujarat, I have seen a significant change in infrastructure between every visit.

  7. I agree. Only a hardliner can take a tough stand in a nation where everyone wants to bend either to pick up a note or drop a name!

  8. Blue Indian...

    You may wanna take a look at what the Red Indians are saying. :-)

    Click here,
    or copy-paste this link into your browser & hit enter:

    It's your word against theirs.

    Incidentally, their word is backed up by every single newspaper in the country.

  9. @1conoclast

    Lol! I couldn't control my laughter on watching your "backed by newspapers" video! How naive can you Leftists get!

    Just temme how many times have you been to Gujarat? If your answer is none, I wouldn't be surprised.

    Listen dude, I am not a supporter of any political party be it Left, Right, Centre, Congress, BJP, BSP any shit! All I have mentioned is what are VERIFIABLE FACTS. Just go to Gujarat once and check it out once rather than relying on the so-called "unbiased" newspapers!

  10. HI,

    I am very happy to see your blog talking about modi's achievements. I am from Tamil Nadu, and it is worst politics in our state. I am very much eager to see the Gujarat once, now I am spreading the word to all my friends that Modi is the future PM for India. I would certainly say that Modi only can save India from the stupids like Congress people. What do you think? I want to be part of spreading the word for modi. Atleast I can help some one who is doing good for people.

    Why India needs Narendra Modi?


  11. Modi is the BEST among the ones there! There is no doubt in that. In fact, Himachal, Chattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh and Bihar, also have great Chief Ministers. At this moment, the worst ruled State is Tamilnadu. God save Tamilnadu from one family which has systematically looted the state and taken away peace forever.

  12. very true..u shouldn't judge modi's gujarat only on riot basis..there is a lot more than that which mumbai still has to learn..i myself has seen the significant developments that are going on at very rural bases in Modi's Gujarat..even the rural belt in Gujarat has smoother roads than highways in Mumbai..Grow up!!

  13. Modi's party's defeat at the national elections shows how popular he exactly is. Sorry, the rest of the country don't buy your arguments.

  14. Modi's party's resounding loss at the general elections, soon after the "Modi for PM" show with industry leaders was the "slap on the face" of the century! ROFL!!!!! :-) Yeh public hai yeh sub jaanthi hai!

  15. Times Magazine's Top 10 most polluted cities in the world features 2 cities in India and one of that is Vapi, GUJARAT........

    Thank Narendra Modi for making it in the Top 10 and also writing books on how to achieve the same............

    Make Time to look at the following link for details........,29569,1661031,00.html

    Make your next holiday trip to Vapi, Gujarat .....,28804,1661031_1661028_1661019,00.html

    And also look at the lush picture at.....

    Think the same can be said of his Muslims shining in Gujarat campaign....

    Kudos to the Best CM of INDIA.......... Very proud of you .........

  16. "modi will lead india as a next prime minister"


    Here is a politician who has been ‘exposed’ by wikileaks as being hailed as ‘non corrupt’, ‘effective administrator’, ‘no-non sense politician’, ‘business facilitator’, by US Diplomats in their cables.

    Reacting to the recent WikiLeaks disclosures in which a top US consular official described him as a “non-corrupt and efficient administrator”, Modi told reporters on the sidelines of an event this proved his credentials.

    “WikiLeaks shows two faces – one that of the government of India and the other of progressive Gujarat,” the chief minister said.

    In the latest leaked diplomatic cables accessed by The Hindu newspaper, Michael S. Owen, the US consul general in 2006, wrote to the US State Department that they might have to reassess the Gujarat chief minister, whose visa they revoked due to his alleged role in the 2002 Gujarat riots.

    Owen also said that Modi could emerge as the Bharatiya Janata Party’s next national leader.

    “Modi has successfully branded himself as a non-corrupt, effective administrator, as a facilitator of business in a state with a deep commercial culture, and as a no-nonsense, law-and-order politician who looks after the interests of the Hindu majority.

    It comes as a sharp contrast to recent exposure of UPA for corruption to buy votes to sustain their government

    A cable also reveals clearly about Narendra Modi’s guts to hit back at the US Consul General, giving him a lecture on horrifying human rights violation by US itself and thus saying that USA doesnt have any right to talk of human rights !

    He also tells the US Consul general strongly that 2002 rights are ‘internal Gujarati matter’ (… .. meaning you better mind your own business)

    This again is a sharp contrast to UPA ‘s allowing US’s undue interference in India’s matter (MP buying wikileak)

    The wikileaks also exposes US’s keenness to ‘engage’ with him, as a measure to reconcile after the undue denial of visa. They felt they could no more afford to avoid him !!!

    Narendra Modi, is not a cause of worry for the UPA alone, the US also was worried about his rise as a strong leader

    Known for his unique abilities, strength and charishma, Narendra Modi proves an exception in Wikileaks too !


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