Friday, February 27, 2009

The Countdown to Exams

Genre: College Life

5 Days Before Exam:
" Is baar books kaunse lene hai kuch idea hai kya?"
" Professor ne syllabus diya kya?"
4 Days Before Exam:
" Xerox nikaalne jaa raha hai to ek copy mera bhi bol de."
" Ye abhi jo xerox liya humne vo kaunse subject ka hai?"
3 Days Before Exam:
" Vo 32 rupees wale xerox me se kya kya karneka hai?"
" 2nd Assignment ke answers ka xerox to hai mere paas, questions kisike paas hai kya?"
2 Days Before Exam:
" Arre, first paper kaunsa hai?"
" Oye Section 7.2 and 7.3 nahi karneka tha kya? Maine galti se vo bhi padh liya.. shit!"
" Kya ****** hai be tu.. pehle poochna to chahiye!"
1 Day Before Exam:
" Sixth chapter me important kya kya hai? Mere paas sirf ek ghanta hai ab"
" Ye last me jo sums diye hai class me vo karne hai kya?"
Just Before the Paper:
" Kya kya option me chhoda?"
" Arre kuch nahi aata yaar.. vaat hai meri toh aaj!"
Just After the Paper:
" Kaisa tha? Mereko to poochna bhi mat"
" Arre mereko Q 3b aata tha yaar but time hi nahi mila.."
" Saala jo option me chhodke aaya tha vohi compulsory me pooch liya!"

PS: If only all textbooks had pictures like THIS, studying for exams would be a lot more enjoyable!
[Photo from:
Digital Image Processing
By Rafael C. Gonzalez]


  1. hehe.. only one comment:
    HOT PIC :p

  2. @Sriram

    Lol! Don't you wish even you had textbooks with such photos? ;-)

  3. Ay caramba! Now I know what the education system is missing. Our profs never suggest such books to us :-(

  4. oooooh... sengupta goin caramba n all!! sahi hai sahi hai!!

    hilarious post man! now m goin nostalgic about all these sems in engg that m gonna miss...

  5. @Sengupta

    Even if the prof did suggest such a book, have you ever gone beyond the xeroxes into textbooks to look out for such 'details'? ;)

  6. @Jagged Edge

    I know.. the eight semesters (and the associated exams) went by so fast! :-(

  7. Truth be told, I prefer referring to a few classical textbooks to referring to photocopies from a large number of really crappy sources. So, yeah. Probably.

  8. hehe.. too gud! cnt believe we'll be facing dis for d last time now huh?

  9. Very nice!

    In law school, we have no textbooks...but the rest of the Xeroxes and dialogues are pretty much the same.

    As to the pic, I think textbook publishers need to get innovative and think up new ways of getting students interested :-)

  10. Really enjoyed this post. I happened to stumble on this blog by chance, and I'm really enjoying reading all your posts. I can relate with this one especially because I'm having my FE University exams right now! :P

  11. @Alvord

    Welcome! Please feel free to hover around and check out as many of my rants as you would like to! Thanks for dropping by!


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