Tuesday, April 21, 2009

100 Things I'll Remember about VJTI

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Today was my last working day at VJTI and when I look back at the previous four years, I can't help but think of this. So here wo go -

100 Things I'll always Remember About VJTI

100 Tanks near the main gate
99 Watchman's "I-Card Kuthe Aaheee??" welcome note
98 The grand staircase in the Main Building
97 Equipment from 19th century in BEE Lab
96 Garden outside MLR-6
95 Signing attendance through the window of MLR-6
94 The Long wait for bus # 315 at the bus-stop behind Mech Dept
93 Pehli Mulaqat with Varu thanks to bus number 315
92 Long Drawing lectures in MDH by Patil sir
91 The rush to get the few good drawing boards from the storehouse
90 Deolekar's lectures and vivas
89 Sulbha-Aba ki Prem Kahani, Sem I
88 Playing with paper balls during lectures
87 Working on pre-historic era lathe machines for Workshop
86 Working at the hot furnace for Workshop
85 Waiting for hours outside PAW's office for journal correction
84 First class trip to Lonavala
83 First Valentine Day and the "proposal" in Quad
82 ELR-9- the class at the Top of VJTI
81 ELR-4- the class with inbuilt playing field
80 ELR-6- the class with a View (of the Quad!)
79 Terrace Cricket League
78 Rathod's lectures
77 Rathod's "Stand at the door" punishments
76 Nagpal-Rathod altercation over Tug-of-War
75 The fight to catch First Bench for Daruwala sir's lecture
74 The First Bencher's Association
73 The fight to catch last bench before tutorials
72 Cricket in Five Gardens
71 Football at Hoopers
70 Cricket and Tennis inside ELR-4
69 The Kali Ki Rani sessions
68 Alibag Trip - I (with Wizards)
67 Alibag Trip - II (with Tronix)
66 Karan Nagpal- the businessman who walked into VJTI by mistake
65 The Goa Trip
64 First after-exam party at Ovenfresh
63 Second after-exam party at McDonalds, Phoenix
62 Unpteen parties at Classic
61 Unpteen parties at frankie stall behind Khalsa
60 The Matheran Trip - with the One-Day and Two-Day concept
59 The Mahabaleshwar Trip
58 The Shimla-Manali Trip
57 Cake-cutting in class and the junglee chaos that follows
56 Mission Submission
55 Jeenal and Bhoomi (made our last sems so much less taxing!)
54 The CCs
53 The Wizards
52 The 'Central Gang'
51 The 'efficient' TPO
50 Mr. Gaonkar's "VJTI Rockkksss"
49 Byju's MBA Classes
48 Bhandardhara Trip
47 Corridor outside ELR-5 / Comps Dept.
46 Dumb-Charades in class
45 Holi celebrations
44 Traditional Day 2007, 2008 and 2009
43 Incessant photo-sessions every day
42 Mass Lunch in the corridor behind canteen
41 Bird-watching in the Quad
40 Akshat's obsession with NP becoming an issue of national interest
39 The Quiz Club
38 Vatsa's Handwriting analysis and the comprehensive Database
37 Technovanza
36 Pratibimb
35 Enthusia
34 DJ Nites with the rope in the Quad
33 Navratri celebrations without the rope in the Quad
32 Nirmaan and the long process of making it
31 Watching cricket matches in Communications Lab
30 Copying assignments from files uploaded on Orkut
29 Co-operative efforts of writing tutorials
28 The Co-op Store inside the campus
27 Hour-long deliberations on "where to go" at the end of exams
26 The walk from Matunga station and the long wait at the Highway
25 The frequent visits to Ruia ka juice-wala
24 "Aamchi Aai, Tumchi Aai, Veermata Jijabai!"
23 Marksheets on A4-size black & white printouts
22 The CPI/SPI Grading System that nobody has yet understood
21 Dr. Narayankhedkar and his (in)famous Innova
20 Asking the Watchman and Security Officer to pose for photos!
19 Placements that gave me Wipro VLSI
18 Mhatre and Nirmal
17 Aarti Xerox
16 Library
15 Dr. Daruwala's 'Seminar Day' for Microprocessors
14 Watching 'Gunda' inside MUP Lab
13 Parties inside MUP Lab despite RDD's "Mouse aaega" concerns
12 Late-nights at MUP Lab
11 Writing 'Reco Letters ' for myself on behalf of profs
10 Pravin, Atul, Akshay, Vignesh - the 'Common Source'
9 Accounts Section
8 The process of getting a Railway Concession
7 Exam Department
6 The 47-Day Struggle to get Transcripts
5 The air-conditioned MUP Lab
4 Prof. Chandle as the Best Project Guide
3 The White Dog of VJTI
2 The Canteen
1 The Quad


  1. i knw whn ppl say tht this-that made me cry, they normally dunt mean lik CRY cry..

    so i will jus say that readin this list brought back a floodfull of memories tht overwhemled me enuf to leave a lump in my thought..

    lik u said, i may nt relate to some of teh tronix things u said.. bt it made me rem wht we all did in comps.. n the feeling isnt very different eh?

    i love u for putting this together.. of all d things that make me realize that college is over these days.. this one HIT me the most..


    P.S : "aamchi aai tumchi aai veeermata jeejabai"

  2. Glad to see that we feature in the top 10. A few minor corrections though.

    It took 49 days, not 47 to get the transcripts. I will never forget all those wasted hours.

    It was ELR-4 where we were in our third year. We have never been to ELR-1.

    Since you weren't with us in the first year, your list stops at 100. We had 100 moments in the first year itself with Billu and Satish. heh heh heh

  3. @Pravin

    Nice to see you here, man!

    Ok, 49 it is! You know better!

    Shit, how come I dont even remember the number of that third year class? I shall make the necessary changes.

    Yeah I know Billu and Satish moments and even my list isn't comprehensive yet. I stopped at 100 coz I thought going further would end up making it too verbose.

  4. awesumm karan!one of the best posts eva!!
    I'll try to cum up wit my own list of 100 things i love abt vjti too bt the memories are innumerable!!n its a depressing feeling knowin days of bunking,pratibimb,quad r ova..
    Will miss aamchi aai tumchi aai! :(

  5. @Lost Soul

    I am eager to see YOUR list of 100 things! [Do I feature in it? ;-) ]

    Even my list isn't comprehensive.. new memories keep creeping up every night! :-(

    Will miss you too!

  6. wonderful post...really made me recollect my 100 things about K.J. Somaiya

    Enjoy the last few days in VJTI...trust me, these days wont return in your life...

  7. sahi post hai.. rock on!!
    just 1 change in my list wud be d paperballs... wud come much higher than 88! comps ppl know wat im talkin abt! ;)

  8. @Rnaodm Thoughts

    Beware! If the elusive "mouse" actually came, you are the one who would be held responsible... after all MUP Lab is under your supervision after college hours!

  9. @ FreeSpirit

    The list is NOT in order of priority- it is as random as the process of getting grades at VJTI! ;)

    And I know the paperball thingie too! Its a pan-VJTI phenomenon not restricted to comps alone!

  10. lolz. noone does it quite d way we do it karan!! trust me on dat!! :)


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