Friday, April 24, 2009

The Faces That Make Me Smile...

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When I joined VJTI, I was made to believe that this is a place where girls are Endangered Species and you should be lucky to spot one, leave aside making friends with any! But how wrong they were! Today at the end of my four years of VJTI, when I look back, I cannot help but acknowledge the role played by these lovely ladies in making me the person that I am today-

Mona: When I met this girl for the first time, I had never thought we would be friends- and this has been the most classic example of how wrong first impressions can be! Today, for me, Mona is not just a friend; she is much more than that- it would not be an over-statement if I say that today there is probably no girl in my life who understands me, cares for me, stands by me during the tough times and happily obliges to be my partner-in-crime in the good ones better than she does. Beyond the VJTI-connection, today she is an inseparable part of my life- exactly how a Best Friend should be.

Annie: A little crazy, a little kiddish, but very caring and friendly- that's Annie! A friend since my very early days at VJTI, over the four years, our friendship has only grown stronger by the day. Today, she is one girl whom I can turn to whenever I feel lonely and with whom I can talk about anything under the sun! We have fought, we have quarreled, we have had differences of opinions but at the end of the day, one thing I know for sure- I'm always gonna be there for her 'coz she has been there for me. Always!

Varu: The first girl whom I knew at VJTI, my friendship with this girl has been one helluva roller-coaster ride. From being tagged as my "girlfriend" by some overzealous minds in the first sem to being the girl whom I can confidently confide in, we have come a long way. From the long walks during Ramkumar's Classes to bunking Byju's Classes and spending a long time at the Kapol Niwas bus stop discussing our past, present and future, the four years with her has given me myriad memories which are here to stay for a long time, just like our friendship.

Sari: Met her completely by chance, thanks to the Shimla trip of Wizards, she is one 'senior' who has been a dear friend of mine without throwing any tantrums about her being my "senior"! The days that I have spent with her are surely gonna be memorable- for the crazy things that we have done together! Inspite of having some nasty arguments over tiny matters, inspite of her being out of VJTI, she has not forgotten me and nor will I forget her, or our friendship.

Esha: Another "senior" who looked upon me as a buddy rather than a "junior", she was the one who was instrumental in getting me my first Organiser's duty during Technovanza as well as getting me into the Nirmaan team which eventually led to my appointment as the Nirmaan Editor. Not restricting her interaction to just professional stuff (considering that I was always working under her) she has been a friend who stays in touch even today in spite of her not being at VJTI.

Namrata: The first thing I knew about this girl is that we share our birthday (though not the birth-year)! The next thing I knew was her immense love for cricket- a common passion that has been instrumental in making her the friend that she is today. Smart, intelligent (after all, not everyone gets to go to Microsoft for interns), caring and fun-loving, she is my sms-buddy who always takes the efforts to stay in touch in spite of us hardly meeting each other in person, and this is precisely the reason I am sure our friendship will continue way beyond VJTI.

Natasha: Hard-working, diligent, intelligent and with an impeccable dressing sense, she is probably the chirpiest girl I have met at VJTI. Though she has hardly any time for anything else besides her academic commitments while she is at college, thanks to her well-planned out schedules, she does ensure we regularly meet, so what if it's just for brief chats, and stay in touch and that is what sets her apart from the other girls.

There are a few other girls too who have been an important part of my four years at VJTI, but I shall stop here due to time and space constraints. The contribution of all these girls in making my four years at VJTI memorable and enjoyable is simply phenomenal! Love you all for being with me, for me, forever!


  1. hey now that our beautiful college years are coming to an end.. nothing could be more fitting than this sweet tribute to what i mean to u.. so thanx a ton dear!! its lovely.. u made my day...

  2. Heyyy... awwww... tht was so sweet!! seconding mona.. nuthing cud be more fitting.. Luv u too.. :)

  3. Nicely written :)
    U kno wht! I jus startd realising tht nxt yr evn v wil hv 2 leave clg :(
    I dont kno wht lyf wil b widout VJ & every1 else..
    Its lyk i dont want this phase 2 evr end!

  4. Hey Karan, thankyou for lovely words... I feel nostalgic after reading.. feel like going back to college agan!!!

  5. @Jagged Edge
    @Ice Maiden

    Anything for the two of you yaar!

    Though it is impossible to put down in words how much both of you mean to me, I guess I gave it a fair try. :)

  6. After all, it's not for nothing that

    I'm really gonna miss this place..
    I'm gonna miss my college days
    considered so close to heart by all graduating students!


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