Sunday, December 13, 2009

What? Why? How? Where?


Genre: Humor

Ever wondered what goes on in the minds of most people in the world? Thanks to Google, we now know the answer. You must have noticed that when you start typing something in Google’s search box, it automatically generates a list of most popular searches related to what you are typing. A majority of the world population does not know that Google Search is based on keywords, and as a result they “ask” Google questions in complete sentences as if they are talking to a real person, and in the process generate an interesting list of what’s going on in the minds of citizens of the world. Here are some samples of the same-

(Note: My picks are highlighted)

how (You need Google to tell you that???)

what(Start Googling, what else!)

when(Aah! If only we all could know that from Google!)

where(Ana, you wanna answer that? :D )

who(Yeah, really! WHO is she?)

why    (LOL! ROFL!)

This is how the World thinks. It is a well-known fact that we Indians think differently than others, and running the same exercise on Google India substantiates this claim to the core! Check out-

how india(Hum aur hamara shaitan dimaag!!!) 

what india(Aah! Humko iski bahut jyada chinta rehti hain!)

when india(It happens only in India!)

where india(Army walo, yeh method use kiya hota toh shayad jaldi mil jaata!)

who india   (Deshdrohi!!!)

One final word – if you want more fun, try running the same exercise on Google Pakistan. Before we end, just a sample of what type of stuff to expect-

why pak(NO COMMENTS on this!!!)


  1. That was hilarious! I end up typing full sentences in my search too, even though I know that the engine picks up just the keywords, and I wonder how many funny ones I may have contributed!

  2. really funny how they customise suggestions by region.
    FYI Lady gaga is a celebrity/model/actress

    I was watching a show on google on CNBC yesterday. google stores every single query run on it. they keep records of what every person searches on their account so be careful before you type any random stuff :D

  3. Really funny and great observation. But, Google Pakistan takes the biscuit for the most absurd questions xD

  4. @Smita

    Thank You! It is the millions like you who made this possible!


    They don't customise suggestions by region, its just weighted priority kind of thing, whatever maximum people from a country are searching for will keep appear higher in the "suggestions" list.

    I know "who is Lady Gaga" thanks to Google :|

    Google not just stores every single search, it is available to you for reference too using "Web History" option - great to look for a random site you once used but can't remember its name now!

    @ The Nomad Engineer

    Well, there are some things at which you just can't beat Pakistan! :P

  5. LOL that was fantastic, especially pakistan :D

  6. LOL! You should check this out :P

  7. Google indeed gives out funny things.. Another post by a friend of mine,

    Chk it out too.. :-)

  8. Absolutely hilarious!!...Just yesterday I was watching this show called 'Inside the Minds of Google'on CNBC-TV18 and it said that every single query that has been searched till date on GOOGLE is actually stored in their servers and if one searched with being signed in to GOOGLE then it can be traced right back to that netizens beware of what u search-;) or else just go to search settings and change your preference-:)...

  9. @ Anamika

    So it seems I am not alone in enjoying this "swooping on the world" exercise!
    BTW, do you want to create a page that would turn up in reply to "Where is Dubai" which seems to be on top of most people's minds? :P


    The Netherland suggestions were too good! I should try looking at more countries now!

  10. Innovative! "Why girls wear bra and underwear" HILARIOUS!!!


    Now I know what YOU do when you're bored! Never realised Google could offer such wholesome entertainment ;-)

  12. Hushhh!!!!
    Dont let this fall on the ears of IRFCA Google Man a.k.a Bharath Moro xD.

  13. ROLF. this is hilarious. hope the poor thing solved the mystery behind the green poop :D

  14. @Manish

    Now you know! For more entertainment, try Google Zimbabwe or Japan!

    @ The Nomad Engineer

    Mr Google Moro probably spends more time than us laughing over these...after all they are the first ones to know what the world is searching for!

    @ Nikita

    What surprises me more is how come SO MANY people have "green poop problem" to have it appear in top searches!!! :O

  15. Who are all these people trying to hack Orkut accounts? :-O

  16. There is another way. Go on typing the letters of the alphabet one at a time. Those results are equally hilarious :)


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