Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Idiot Talk

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Yes, I know a thousand people have already written and spoken about 3 Idiots and its similarity (or lack thereof) with Chetan Bhagat’s bestseller Five Point Someone. But being a hardcore FPS fan, I can’t help but add my two cents to the issue.

First things first – Mr VVC deserves a kick on his posterior for claiming that the movie is “original work”. How can he even think of saying this? From the first day ragging session where Ryan kicks the butt of seniors, the first lecture with the professor asking for definition of Machine, Alok shifting to live with Venkat after first results, sneaking into Neha’s house at midnight, Operation Pendulum (stealing question paper from Cherian’s office), drinking on the insti terrace, Neha’s revelation of her brother’s suicide, Alok attempting suicide…it’s scene by scene FPS! Not just this, what about Alok’s complaint about “Bhindi Rs 12/kg ho gayi hai” to him crying about “maa ne 5 saal me nayi saree nahi kharidi”, lines taken verbatim from FPS? Is this “original work”? Forget this, even the jokes are not original! From Rancho mixing the answer papers to confuse the professor to Raju’s response to “How does an induction motor start?”, all these jokes are straightaway lifted from internet joke sites. Talk of originality!

The movie would have been awesome had they stuck to the FPS story completely (anyways I only liked the parts which had FPS resemblance). I was disappointed to find no reference to Operation C2D (which has “inspired” scores of engineering students in real life, myself included!) and the love story with Neha which ran parallel to the main plot throughout in FPS wasn’t developed enough in the film(I know all FPS fans, especially guys, will be disappointed to find the final encounter between Hari and Neha in her bedroom missing in the film!). And ofcourse, I am surprised nobody has talked about one major change in storyline – the love story is supposed to be between HARI and Neha, not RYAN and Neha!!!

All said and done, VVC’s insistence on “original work” has ended up 3 Idiots in a “dhobi ka kutta, na ghar ka, na ghat ka” kind of situation. The only thing I really loved about it are the two superb songs – All Izz Well and Give Me Some Sunshine, and of course, the BEST part being now-so-famous Chatur’s speech! HILARIOUS!!!


For those who have not read the book and/or not seen the movie:

Hari in FPS = Farhan in 3I = Madhavan

Alok in FPS = Raju in 3I = Sharman Joshi

Ryan in FPS = Rancho in 3I = Aamir Khan

Neha in FPS = Piya in 3I = Kareena Kapoor

Cherian in FPS = Virus in 3I = Boman Irani

Venkat in FPS = Chatur in 3I = Whoever he is, he is BRILLIANT! :D


Disclaimer: I am NOT paid by Chetan Bhagat for writing this. If VVC reads this, he’ll probably tell me “Shut Up!”


  1. :D
    well written ! as usual!!

  2. Hmm... The baby delivery scene, the marriage eloping and the rich-son's-fake-degree plots were idiotic. Rest of the movie was okay, could've been better. For me, the black-n-white depiction of Alok's house and the speech scene were too good. The movie was worth watching just once. I feel it's too hyped, I dunno why everyone loved it SO much to watch it again n again. Just another bolly masala flick. For the record, i'm not a Chetan Bhagat fan (frankly, I hate him. I read a lot of books so i find his writing very shabby), FPS was the only book I found satisfactory. Rest of them are just bollywood movie scripts.

  3. i'm sick of the whole issue. it's been discussed to a point that if i come across one more person wanting to give their opinion about it, i'll burst out in tears. :P

    right about the originality thing, though. the movie is good...but have to agree with nik- it's too hyped. there were so many things which were absolutely predictable...either bng from fps or other popular jokes. it takes away from ur experience of watching it. all in all, i dont understand the hoopla about it for the simple reason that there are a lot of other good movies which i wd rather call classics than 3 idiots.

  4. @Madhulika



    Those plots were idiotic coz those were the "original work" not present in FPS!


    Aww.. so sorry to make you burst out in tears! About predictability, well if you've read FPS, the story obviously becomes predictible.. but isn't that the case in all book-based movies from Harry Potter to LOTR?


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