Thursday, January 21, 2010

Kahani Desi Student Ki

Genre: College Life

Ever wondered what do the 100,000-odd Indian students who go to USA every year to pursue graduate studies actually do in those two years? The story of everyone of them is the more or less identical and like a true engineering student, I present a Flowchart explaining the same-

(Click on the image for larger size)

Glossary: GRA = Graduate Research Assistantship


  1. as usual.. hehe!! true true :D

  2. hehehe...very true...good work

  3. nice one...but i havent followed that flowchart at all :D

  4. Dai....18+ ellam romba over.....Make it 8 hrs a day :)

  5. @Madhulika

    I see fellow grad animals nodding in approval! :)


    Even if you wanted to, you couldn't do it at USC! :D

    @The Nomad Engineer
    And we see more heads nodding in approval!

    Just 8? Its just the begining for you dude... it is just a matter of time before you reach the coveted "18 hours a day in lab" mark!

  6. Campus jobs are very easily available at USC. But I havent even looked :D

  7. @淑琴


    A humble request - next time please comment in English only.

  8. i have visited to this site and found to get the interested story which is very impressive.


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