Saturday, December 4, 2010

Weather Talks

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Numerous Hollywood movies and American sitcoms send out an impression that talking about weather can be a good conversation starter. In US, probably yes, but does it work everywhere?


Day 1
A: Nice weather today..
B: Yeah, sunny and 70 degrees..I love this.

Day 2
A: Man, this weather sucks
B: Oh yea totally! Yesterday it was so nice and sunny and now these rains..

Day 3
A: Damn, its cold today
B: Hell yeah..those rains yesterday were bad, and now this snow. Sucks.

Day 4
A: Hey, nice to see good weather today
B: Yeah, after that snow yesterday, feels good to have the sun back.

Now, try the same in India-

Day 1
A: Man, these rains.. feels good
B: Yeah, I like the smell

Day 2
A: Nice rains today
B: Hmmm

Day 3
A: Yaar, the weather looks so good with these rains
B: ....

Day 4
A: Man, look at the sky...its gonna rain..
B: Abbe BH#^$%*! August ke mahine me har roz baarish hi hoga na. Kya roz roz ek hi baat paka raha hai.. CH$^%*&!


  1. I can see there is a mutual induction from your advisor..somebody this day loves talking about weather :P

  2. LOL, well said. Here, we people long for rains after a super warm summer. But at the same time, anyone repeating the same "weather thing" day-after-day, really wrecks our mind!


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