Friday, November 21, 2008

Dark Reality

Genre: Current Affairs

After spending enormous time, efforts and public money on creating a feeling of hatred for everything North Indian, especially Bihari, Maharashtra Government has has been hit by the perfect irony- the state’s thermal power plants have coal stocks that can meet only one day’s power generation requirement! So, unless Maharashtra's six thermal power plants continue to receive a steady supply of coal on a daily basis to meet daily needs, they will have to shut down eventually resulting in a complete grid collapse!

So, where is this daily supply of coal coming from? Like it or hate it- Bihar and Jharkhand! Trainloads of coal from North-East India's Coal Belt is keeping Maharashtra "power"ful. Perfect time for Biharis to hit back at Maharashtra- stop these coal trains from going to Maharashtra for just one day and see the fun - total Maharashtra in darkness!

Alas! Lalu is no Raj Thackrey!


  1. At the risk of sounding slightly biased towards anyone, I may say this is a real good observation and point you made :)
    Coal... ah coal... stuff that sets the freighters a rollin'! Twin diesels... WAG9s hehe :D

  2. u surely surpass my expectations everytym..n needless to say,i love it!Its a delight readin yo posts.
    dude,keep up da good work.

  3. @Sriram

    Yeah man.. without coal, there would be almost nothing for the freighters to haul!!

    And u forgot the most important relationship between IR and Coal-
    The Steam Locos! How can you forget the Black Beauties!!

  4. @Lost Soul

    Thanks a million for showering such ample doses of appreciation!
    Love you babe! :)


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