Sunday, November 30, 2008

Meet The F_ckers

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Enough has been said about the bastards who held Mumbai to ransom for three days starting this Wednesday and all the abuses one can use are cumulatively not enough to describe them so I will not get into that. What has been more shameful and irritating are the actions and statements by the vote-hungry assholes who rule India. Check this out-

On Thursday, 27th Nov, in the Press Conference, Maharashtra State Government issues a statement - "We were not told by the Central Government that such an attack is going to happen. So, we were unprepared."
Ok boss. Point taken. Next time onwards we shall ask the terrorists to send an official notification of every planned attack to you seven working days in advance so that you can be prepared.

The same evening Narendra Modi says that Gujarat ATS had warned Mumbai ATS about a possible strike in Mumbai seven days ago. Caught red-handed, in a desparate attempt to save their reputation, on Saturday, 29th Nov, in another Press Conference, RR Patil proudly announces "We had intelligence information that such an attack may happen since the last two weeks."
If that is the case, what was the Maharashtra Government doing? Sitting over the information and hatching eggs?

The Central Government is no better. On Thursday, Mannu Singh and Advani visited the attack sites in two separate chartered planes while the 200 NSG Commandoes were made to wait for two hours because "there were no planes available at Delhi airport". Finally an ancient IL-76 plane which took a grand three hours to fly from Delhi to Mumbai was assigned to these commandoes.
What priorities!

As if all this was not enough, that ass RR Patil even dares to say- "Bade bade shehero me aise chhote haadse hote rehte hai".
Inspired by DDLJ? If this is a "small incident", what is big?

When the media and citizens of India asked Maharashtra Chief Minister Vilasrao Deshmukh to step down, he blatantly says- "There is no need for me or RR Patil to resign. Nothing that demands such a step has happened."
Yeah right. After all, 200 innocent people getting killed is not big enough a reason to give up a chair that is the gateway to earning hundreds of crores of rupees.

Finally, a ray of hope came when Mannu Singh declared that "strong steps will be taken against Pakistan" but that vanished the moment the 'strong steps' were elaborated. The steps to be taken are as follows-

1) Indian Government is going to request Pakistan to stop terrorist activities.
How nice! And what do they expect? Like a goody goody little kid, Pakistan will reply- "Ok sir. Give me one chocolate and I will not do this from tomorrow."???

2) India is thinking of stopping cross-border trade and terminating bus and train services to Pakistan.
What the hell is there to think in this? Anyways the only major commodity that India gets from Pakistan through cross-border trade are terrorists.

Now I do not know whom I hate more- the terrorists or the politicans.


  1. i know whatever that has happpened was really pathetic... but the worst part is that no one is actually taking responsibility for it. Sea ways which was an advantage to us.. terrorits have made us realize that it one of ur disadvantage and we are lackin proper measure to safe our own people. they say that only 200 people died but i m very sure that more than 200 people... are dead... hope the government take some actin... and i think its time now to have CCTV,,, and a good plan to avoid such incidents ever...

  2. Very nicely written article karan.. good that u shed some light on the EXTREMELY RIDICULOUS mindsets and thinking "prowess" of our ministers. Even after such a disaster all they think of doing is defend themselves and continue sitting on their oh so beloved seats. Shivraj Patil's resignation is a good start i believe.. more should follow now!

    And even if gujarat intelligence was somehow aware of this from the start y is it that mah govt chose to be so lax about it? this is completely un-understandable. On top of it, i did not understand what purpose did Modi's visit to the scene serve neways.. and 10 bodyguards guarding him when other ppl r dying all around him.

    Utter nonsense is happenin.. lets do something about this cz ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

  3. The tragedy of our times is that the incompetent people hold the offices of responsibilty. It is time, we all hold them accountable for their irresponsible behavior in office.

    -- Cine Valley

  4. @Anonymous

    Yes, the death toll is certainly much much more than 200.. just have a look at all the pictures of dead bodies and you can easily count more than 200 at one go.

  5. @Jagged Edge

    Hey, nice to see you drop by even while you are on a vacation. :)

    On top of it, i did not understand what purpose did Modi's visit to the scene serve neways.. and 10 bodyguards guarding him when other ppl r dying all around him.

    The same can be said about Mannu Singh, Shivraj Patil and LK Advani's visits also. They visit the place nonchalantly as if some sightseeing is going on at a tourist destination.

    NSG Commando Major Unnikrishnan's dad gave the perfect reply when the Chief Minister of Kerala went to "console" the family- "Get lost, you dogs!"

  6. Now I do not know whom I hate more- the terrorists or the politicans.

    Loved this line.

    But I fear what will happen to this nation. There are no good alternatives to the current government. Every single political party is the same ultimately. I think that even if there was any other party in power right now, the same thing would have happened. I am tired of listening the same old tape records of speeches after terror attacks.


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