Sunday, November 30, 2008

Now What Next?

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Mumbai has been finally liberated from the dozen-odd terrorists who held the city to ransom for three full days. Though they called themselves "Deccan Mujaheddin" (Raj must be happy- see they included the local culture in their name), the evidence is enough for even a blind donkey to tell that Pakistan is involved in the attacks. So, the obvious question on everyone's mind is the same- "Now, what next?"

All the customary "strong steps will be taken" bullshit ain't gonna work anymore. It will take just two bold steps to end this forever-

Step 1: Nuke the Pakis. Five nuclear warheads...on five Agni/Prithvi/Akash missiles... fire simultaneously... Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Multan. Don't give them any time to react. A conventional war against Pakistan will only result in Mumbai and/or Delhi being nuked by the gobar-headed donkeys who control Pakistan Army. Don't give them this chance at all. It has to be One Shot on the Dot and game over. Na rahega Pakistan, na rahenge terrorists. As far as US reaction is concerned, there is no need to fear- Uncle Sam is too busy trying to get itself out of the quicksand of economic depression. There is absolutely no way they can afford to get to war with India as a "revenge" for their best friend Pakistan.

Step 2: Catch hold of ALL politicians, ruling and opposition (this shouldn't be difficult at all considering the fact that half of them can't even walk on their own, forget running away or hiding), hole them up in one big room (Parliament House will do) and blow it off! It's high time to undertake India's biggest pest-control operation.

India needs a messiah. Who will it be???


  1. Sure nuking sounds like a good idea at this time, but I seriously hope that calmer heads than yours prevail. What, destroying Pakistan will end terrorism once and for all? Tomorrow, Afghanistan might be sending terrorists, and stopping one country's progressive elements will just let them become martyrs, and that doesn't do anyone any good at all. It is obvious that this was an international operation, and working against one country, no matter how tempting, would be simply wrong-headed.

  2. for option 2, maybe we should send the captured terrorist to the parliament and leave the rest to him and his buddies. we could also provide him all the ammunition they left at the taj.

  3. Blowing up the whole of Pakistan seems to be the step at this point. But we must realise that though there are a lot of terrorists out there, there are more civilians there as well. if we got so angered at the number of innocents killed here, we wouldn't want to do the same to the innocents in pakistan.
    Terrorists exists everywhere. As much as we may hate to admit it, they exist in India as well, in kashmir and such places. we have quite a few in mumbai too- raj thakrey and his fan club. UP and Bihar govt can't just bomb the whole of maharashtra because of raj thakrey, can they?

  4. @Zai and Shadowfax

    Oh come on! I did not mean it literally! The point I wanted to drive home is that its high time Pakis are given a dose of their own medicine. Only talks about "strict action" is not going to do anything. Bomb their cities like they have done ours and only then will they realise how it feels to see innocent citizens getting killed randomly.

  5. But that doesn't make us any better than the ones who perpetrated this, does it? No amount of anger or resentment can justify attacks on innocent civilians. By retaliating in an identical manner, we are reducing ourselves to their level and providing them with a modicum of justification for their actions as well. An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind, my friend.

  6. @Shadowfax

    Well if that is the case, please enlighten us as to what is the right way to go ahead now? Give "warning" to Pakistan and "request" them to stop terrorist activities? Applaud the "Spirit of Mumbai" as we have been doing time and again and get back to work as if nothing has happened? Call the UN to work out an amicable peace process with Pakistan?

    You say "By retaliating in an identical manner, we are reducing ourselves to their level"
    Tell me my friend, by sitting quiet and keeping ourselves at a higher level than them, what have we got? An average of one terrorist attack per year resulting in thousands of innocents being killed, isn't it? How long do you want us to keep quiet and be happy with the self-imposed "We are better than them" notion? Maybe until one more attack comes our way and kills both you and me? Then we can go to Heaven satisfied that "We were at a higher level than them", right?

  7. Please note that I said "identical manner", not "no retaliation". Isn't it absolutely perverse to attack innocent civilians? I reiterate that nothing can justify that. Warnings and requests are useless, but claiming innocent human life cannot be very effectual. I don't claim to know the solution to the problem, other than stronger defenses, but your solution doesn't seem to be the right one to me.

  8. Hey Blue Indian, sure this anger, frustration, helplessness, are justified. Everyone (every Mumbaite) shares the same emotions as you do but as bloggers/writers it is important to realize the responsibility we have in maintaining a lingo that does not cross the line in aggravating such strong emotions which to me, further leads to terrorism. We do not site quiet for sure and time for retaliation is near. Lets also remember we are equally a part of this problem - the fact that the city has woken up (and how!!) to the pressing issues is enough for all of us to seek answers and in manners most appropriate. But by having such extremist views would not help at all!!

    Also, when you say '....bomb their cities...', what do you propose India should do? If so, who, what and where? Should India just drop the nuclear bomb in Lahore/Karachi? Or maybe 20 commandos to bomb their major hotels? or simply shoot innocent people around the streets? And this will then mitigate the risk of any attack on India? how?

    a nuclear blast can equally destroy several parts of India too and not to forget the post-blast destruction it would cause to the land is unfathomable.

    It is a difficult situation indeed we have but do we really see ourselves advocating actions of such trigger-fanatic maniacs?

    As another option, how about in TRUE EARNEST, identifying a true leader for India? What if the entire country just does not vote during election? Not a single vote for EVERY politician? Can that be a symbol of uniting our country OUT OF the hands of these mental leaders?

    Trust me, we all feel helpless and extremely angry (and a lot more fearful!) but let that not affect our approach to creating a revolution towards a safer, unified nation.

  9. What if the entire country just does not vote during election? Not a single vote for EVERY politician? Can that be a symbol of uniting our country OUT OF the hands of these mental leaders?

    This sounds like the best way out, but is it possible practically? NO! Simply because the ratio of educated understanding citizens to illiterate votebanks thriving on political money is too badly skewed. We may say that "Every single vote counts" but the reality is that our (educated) votes just don't matter to them.

    Before the last municipal elections, I asked the local candidate "What's your educational qualification?" and the reply I got from him and his 'chamcha log' following him was-
    "Bachche, kayko panga leta hai... vote nahi dena to mat de.. hamare paas {neighbourhood slum} ke bahut vote hai"

    Nobody from my building voted for him yet he won easily by ten-thousand odd votes. How? VOTEBANK!

  10. One more idea is to dispatch a dozen Sukhois to PoK and bomb all the terrorist training should not take much of a time considering the power of the IAF...there is no need for publicizing this in the run up to the event...just one fine day when we Indians wake up we should be bombarded with breaking news that IAF has bombed the terrorist outfits hideout in Pok...

  11. Why not hit the part where it pains the most??? Why you go after Pak when even PoK will do?? Thats where the bastards come from... GO on a massive hunt in the name of Anti Terror Operations.... If someone poses as element of pakistan defeding PoK they are automatically gone in front of the world community!! And if nobody comes then lets go out and kill the idiots who are getting trained from PoK err.. OUR KASHMIR..

    Lets suck the breath out of the throat!!

    But for all this we just need to prove the world.. that what v r doin is to eliminate terrorism... nobody gonna oppose!!

    No need to think on such operation for the thought of pleasant relationships with Pak.. nobody wants it... if they are stil ready for a fight with western border... lets have our Anti missile armament up and open.. bring in the awacs and falcons.. kill them before they even think of entering into our territory....

    But please leave the women and children!! v r for terror cleansing not ethnic cleansing!! v kno wat it means to loose someone dear....


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