Friday, August 6, 2010

Virtual Tour...of Real Lies!

Genre: India

Off late, anyone with a spare building and a couple of unemployed graduates willing to masquerade themselves as "professors" is out opening "world-class" Management Institutes and Engineering Colleges all over India, and their websites are, amusing to say the least. Here are some samples-

Hot chick: check; studious girl: check; sardarji: check; orthodox Muslim girl: check; firang blonde: check; mandatory black guy: check! Mall me se Rs 50 deke utha laaye sabko, haath me ek book pakda diya, smile for a group photo and bingo! Ho gaya "cultural diversity"

Waah! Kya naam hai! Only one small problem- the photo on the website homepage isn't quite "accurate"!

US university style logo, in-our-dreams campus ka ek photo, mandatory "cute chick" and suited-booted-guys and here we go! Website ready!

I bet that brunette on the homepage has never even heard the name of this university! And dude, what's that? Gaudy golden convocation gowns? Kaunse maharishi ke shishya ho bhai tum?
Hey wait! Didn't you guys just tell us to think beyond the IIMs? by the biggest ass on Earth!

I cannot help but make an honorable mention here of a certain institute that has withstood the test of time and market trends as far as design of its website goes. Please have a look-


  1. Hahahahahahah Good one!

  2. Brilliant stuff. I can shed more light about the Accurate thingy, since that image is of my uni.

    Looks like they didn't even go to the business school. The two images are taken at the hotel and the main entrance. Also, the image on the 100% placement frame is in the seminar room in the hotel and the only proof of their infrastructure is a graphics model on the first frame.

    Arre bhai, infrastructure ki jhalak to dikhao? Or in the immortal words of Himess, Jhalak dikhla jaa :D

  3. Haha nice one! btw, maharishi is in iowa
    so it is not really an indian school.

    and US schools also do the same naatak! unke website ko dekhke, i thought mere white boys friends honge! not even a single white boy i have made friends with ab tak :(

  4. @Anonymous (aka Ashrita)

    When you know I can figure out its you, anonymous comments kyun daalti hai :P


    Accurate ka pic was specifically for you only! ROFL at last line!


    US schools have swanky websites AND swanky infrastructure/crowd/faculty (some atleast).
    And thanks for that last line.. its so comforting to know I am the only one who hasn't managed to make even one white American girl friend in a year :P

  5. Cant agree with u more!! atleast they should come up with names which sound like college/university if not more...

  6. I know I am so good!

  7. There's this thing called Lovely Professional University somehwere, if the ads in TV are anything to go by. Waht a name! Wins hands down!! :D


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