Friday, November 12, 2010

SubWay Special

Genre: Random

At a SubWay restaurant in Roanoke, I see this sign-
"Today's Special Meal: Buffalo chicken Sub + Drink + 2 Cookies - $5.08"
(Without the offer, it would amount to $ 6.38)

Me: Can I get the Buffalo Chicken in the special meal substituted with Veggie Delite? (both cost the same)
Employee: Sorry, the rules given to me say only Buffalo Chicken Sub can be given in the offer
Me: OK, fine. Give me Buffalo Chicken Sub. Without the meat. And, I'd like lettuce, onions, olives, banana pepper, green pepper and cheese on it.

Bingo! Got what I wanted.


  1. yeah but without a veggie pattie! Sheldon cooper is really not proud of you!

  2. @Thought

    Madam, knowing me since one year, you should have known by now I don't order Veggie Patty anyways. its a waste of 75 cents extra with no addition in taste content! :P

  3. chindi! but smart :P


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