Wednesday, May 9, 2007

For Sale

"Would you like to have it for Fourty Five?"

"Sorry. I am not interested. And anyways, Fourty Five is too high a rate for that."

"We can negotiate on that."

"No thanks."

After a week,

"Sir, we can give you that for Thrity-Five"

"Sorry. I already got one. I do not need yours anymore."

"But sir, this one is better. And seeing your past record, we can even give it to you for Twenty-Five."

"I said NO. I am NOT Interested. Thank you."

If you thought this was a conversation at your local vegetable market, sorry! Think Again! This was a so-called 'Career Counseller' trying to sell me a seat of Electronics Engineering course in AA College owned by none other than our Honourable Deputy Chief Minister Mr CB.

This is a regular feature every year after the results of Engineering/ Medical Entrance exams are out. These fly-by-night engineering colleges, most of them owned by our Monkeys-in-Power or their wives, brothers, sisters, buffaloes, etc. literally come out with a Menu Card of courses with fixed 'donation' rates according to the demand of a particular seat that year. And the criteria for admission- only one- Show Me The Money!

If that was shocking, sample this- a certain RR Medical College on the outskirts of the city is giving admissions to any student who is willing to pay 11 lakh rupees in cash. And wait, this is today, when the Entrance Exams results are not yet out! Wait! Forget the results, the damn exam itself is scheduled for next Sunday! So all you guys and girls who are preparing for the test, you know how 'bright' chances you have of admission!

The seats that are going for 1.1 million bucks apiece are from the hordes of vacancies that remain every year in the SC/ST/OBC category seats, reserved to achieve 'Social Equality', which make up a mammoth 50% of the total seats with hardly any takers! And before you jump on me saying that there are many SC/ST?OBC students who also study, well my dear friend, these hard working 'reserved' students eat into the General category seats (alas! thats the 'rule') leaving all the reserved seats to the college trust to make big big bucks! Whoever said "Education cannot be sold" probably never saw this day!

Yes sir, this is present-day India, a country where, under the name of 'Social Equality', everything is up For Sale, even Your Future! So What's your rate, mate?


  1. AAARGHH! I'm screaming out in rage now... dude u atleast have got inot a college.. well, i have yet to!


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