Thursday, May 17, 2007

Summer Time = Movie Time

Genre: Blabber

Note: This is not a static post, it is dynamic in the sense that as I see more and more movies through the course of the vacation, more reviews will keep on adding to the list!

Here comes a first-hand account of movies that I had to bear so far this summer-


Your Friendly Neighbourhood Superhero gets emotional, sentimental, frustrated, vulnerable and as expected overcomes all this to emerge victorious! A visual delight with some of the best special effects that I have encountered so far. But it ends at that. The story (was there any?) sucks and Spidey blabbers too much throughout the movie rather than showing off his skills. And yes, he gets a much needed new set of clothes- not red and blue but black for a change! All in all, this one just makes it to "worth your money" category.
PS: I still think I should have gone for the Bhojpuri version.

Rating: * * *
Laboratory: Fame Adlabs
Investment: Rs. 170 (Although, I got for free!)


Ambitions.. Loneliness.. Desperation.. Life In a Metro where everyone wants to reach the top and some would not mind going any distance. A completely contemparory topic dealt gracefully and without unnecessary fuss, this is one hard hitting movie. And when you have a starcast like Irrfan Khan, Konkona SenSharma and KayKay Menon, its cinema at its best! And the best part about this movie is the way in which all locations only within Mumbai city has been used creativiely to create all different kinds of moods. This one was worth the money, though I would have loved if the irritating trio of some unknown band wouldnt keep poking their nose by appearing in every song!

Rating: * * * *
Laboratory: Starcity
Investment: Rs. 40


No. This has got nothing to do with any kind of liquor as the title may suggest. This one is all about fast cars, adrenaline filled races, and being a Hindi movie, liberal dose of sentimental stuff thrown in. NASCAR Championships.. New York Speedway circuit.. Manhattan.. the desi Schumacher is here in the form of Saif Ali Khan! And as always, Rani is hot, adorable and sweet at the same time! The showstealer- Javed Jaffery as a Gujju taxi driver cum race team manager! (yeah.. unbelievable, but then this is a YashRaj film!). Not bad at all I must say. And if you cant sit through 3 hours of high speed races, pack up in Interval. The first half rocks while second one is just OK anyways!

Rating: * * *
Laboratory: StarCity
Investment: Rs. 100


Heights of fooling the crowd with misleading titles. Lets get the facts straight- this movie has no connection to 1.40 Last Local or any local or train or railways for that matter. A typical forgettable B grade goons n police story with nothing to write home about. And just to justify the title, two minutes of a fake railway station and fake train with fake sounding announcements are added at the begining and end of the movie! Go see this only if you miss the 1.40 Last local and have nothing to do for the next 3 hours!

Rating: *
Laboratory: 24Karat
Investment: Rs. 70


"Ae Ganpat.. chal daru laa!" was my first reaction coming out of the theatre! You really need to de-stress yourself after 90 minutes of hard hitting gory violence thrown in your face. A very true depiction of the gangster menace that had Mumbai in its holds in the early 90s, this is probably the first neutral movie I have seen in years- a movie wherein you cannot decide whether the gangsters were bad or the police, or both. Though some scenes are directly lifted from famous Hollywood blockbusters and two songs are completely useless but overall a well made movie with power packed performance from Sanjay Dutt. And yea, Vivek Oberoi as the dreaded Maya Dolas was amazing! Just one hitch though- why was Dawood (referred to as only 'Bhai' through the movie) so confused looking?!? This one is worth a watch but ofcourse not the movie if you are taking your girlfriend for a date!

Rating: ***
Laboratory: MovieStar
Investment: Rs. 80


India's probably first mainstream mature comdey, with brilliant performances by Amitabh Bachchan and Tabu, this one has some really uhilarious spicy moments like the one where AB goes to a chemist asking for condoms and the shopkeeper refers him as "chacha" or the phone talk between AB and his toddler neighbour. Though for the first time Paresh Rawal fails to make his impact but his void is superbly filled with Zohra Sehgal as the 93 year old granny who loves seeing Sex And The City and ofcourse how can I forget the most amazing surprise package- the 6 year old neighbour of AB who is,for some strange reason, named 'Sexy'( who delivers some of the best parts of the movie! This one is definitely worth a one time watch and the first half can be preserved on dvd for repeat viewings!

Rating: ***
Laboratory: Eros
Investment: Rs. 60

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