Monday, May 21, 2007

GoldRush In Mumbai

Genre: Current Affairs

Ssshh... this is a well guarded secret and should not be revealed. The BMC (Bombay Municipal Corporation) has probably found out that there is hundreds of tonnes of Gold buried below Mumbai's roads. And they are not going to let this jackpot go waste. See....

Ok you dont believe me? Then tell me what else can explain the logic of BMC of carrying out such a massive excavation drive all over Mumbai city with monsoon just a fortnight away?

Mumbai.. Be Afraid.. Be Very Afraid.. The BMC has set up a Survival Challenge for you! Dare to step out this monsoon and survive these monsters! Good Luck!


  1. Oh my god.. it's gonna be hell after monsoon starts...
    Monsoon is gonna hit soon down here in Trivandrum and they have started cleaning drives :|

  2. Maybe they are not digging for gold. Maybe they are digging a tunnel which goes right through the earth and ends in The Atlantic or somewhere and all the water gets diverted there


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