Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Its An Ad-Mad World

Genre : Humour

Presenting a list of some television commercials from the last year that left an impact on my mind for various reasons. Some were genuinely good, some irritating, some humorous while some outrightly bizzare...


AirTel : 'Apne Baap ko Rulaega Kya?'

Here, there is simply no competiton. This ad with a youngster going to his village to meet his grandpa and connecting his AirTel to his dad back in the city to let the grandpa talk was supposed to touch emotional chords. But, for some reason, the grandpa getting sentimental and telling his son "Apne Baap ko Rulaega Kya?" misfired completely and this ended up being the most irritating ad, especially when aired after every alternate over throughout the World Cup.

And yeah, the AirTel ad previous to this one, with that middle aged man bringing his cellphone into a couple's car to record "Julieee" for his wife also comes pretty close in winning this 'honour'.


' UP me hai dum, kyunki yahaan zurm hai kam!'

Oh really? Who are you kidding, boss? is the question I feel like asking everytime Big B comes up on the idiot box walking along the shore of Ganga, promoting Uttar Pradesh for his 'bhaiya' Amr Singhji. This one is taking friendship a bit too far!


Pepsi: 'Mera Naam Sourav Ganguly hai...'

This one certainly takes the cake when it comes to originality of idea. After all, come on, how many times have we seen an international sportsman cribbing about his career on national television? Every time I see this one, I feel like telling the poor guy- Come on dude.. get a life! Go get out, take a bat and a ball and get onto the streets of Kolkata, smash some window panes of those pre-historic trams with your shots, run up and down the Howrah Bridge, stay fit and you will be back in the team. Dont waste your time crying here and drinking that black drink. And yes, Get off that stupid roller that you sitting on!

Click Here for Video of this Ad


Hutch: 'Mere paas ek doggy hai.. uska naam Tommy hai...'

This one is as sweet as ads can get! The three cute little girls, describing their pet dogs with different levels of precision is just too cute! Especially worth recalling is the third girl's statements "...vo pooch bhi hilaa sakta hai... vo ud bhi sakta hai..." So innocent! Awww!!

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AirTel: 'The Power Of Human Expression'

"Two Words.. Can Bring Down An Empire...
One Raised Finger... Can break A Billion Hearts... ...
One Act Of Defiance.. can Spark A Revolution..
One Hundred Thousand Candles Can End A War.
This Is The Power Of Human Expression. "

I am sure this one will remain a favourite of lot of people for years to come. A true masterpiece, this one touched my heart the first time I saw it, and continues to do so even now every time I see it. Truely, my AD OF THE YEAR.

Click Here For Video of this Ad.

PS: If you are wondering that while generally all "XYZ Of The Year" lists come out in late December/ January, why this comes in the middle of May, it is because the only calender I follow is my college's academic time table, and according to that logic, its 'Year Ending' for me right now.

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